After note

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So um..... hey guys! Like I said before, I am having a short break from the Nightingale Chronicles just to get everything in order.... short break.... hopefully.... BUT I will be posting a few 'Deleted chapters' up here before I upload the sequel. These deleted chapters (as the name may hint) are chapters I had in mind to put in the book but thought they weren't entirely important or I couldn't find the time to write them up. It's just a little something for you guys to enjoy during the hiatus... if you can classify this as a hiatus before the second book.

I have officially started spreading the Nightingale Chronicles elsewhere, having put up the first chapter on Quotev yesterday. It's slowly getting reads, but it's what to be expected considering I only created an account on there yesterday.

I hope you guys enjoy the deleted chapters to come, and I will try and get around to the sequel once everything is sorted out with my other books and things going on at home.

Thanks for reading and that's all for now, bye! :) xxx

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