Chapter 28: Pre-Battle Showdown! Athena Vs Lane!

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*Lane and Athena were in an undisclosed location far away from any towns or people, pretty much on a rocky shore in the middle of nowhere.*

Athena: Did you really have to bring me out here in the middle of nowhere? Was that really necessary?

Lane: Its less distractions. Now get ready!

*Hikaru and Hyuga watched from behind a massive rock, Athena changed to Right Spin as the 2 took positions*

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*the beys land in the stadium and Lucifer takes the center, Adeona raced toward Lucifer at high speeds*

Athena: Now go for it! Guiding Shoot!!

*Adeona fired a relentless barrage of attacks how none was able to put a dent in Lucifers barrier*

Athena: Keep going! Dont let up!!

Lane: Attacks like those won't do anything against us.. As a member of the Valhalla family, you can do better than this!!!

*Adeona was starting to lose speed, it stopped spinning a moment later.*

Athena: No way..

Lane: You actually beat Shu with this kind of skill? What a disappointment!

Athena: I'll win the next one!!

Lane: Thats what they all say.. But do they ever succeed? Your mother would be disappointed in you..


Lane: How could I not? you may have been her favorite but look how you turned out, she raised a sad excuse of a failure!! I hate her and I most certainly hate you!!

*Athenas blood boiled! for the first time ever, she felt sheer, genuine anger towards Lane*


Lane: Still living in the past as usual.. That will be you and Adeonas downfall!!!

*the 2 took positions once again*

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Athenas launch was so strong that a geyser of sparks shot out, however a small crack formed in the side of the launcher*

*Lucifer had taken the center as per usual, Adeona came after it. It was about to unleash a heavy and rapid volley of attacks!*

Lane: So fast!...

Athena: Go!!!

*Adeona blew Lucifer out of the center and kept attacking, not giving it a chance to escape or recover*

Lane: We aren't done yet!!

*Lucifer changed course, dodging the attack*

Athena: I won't let you escape!!!

*Lucifer and Adeonas clash shook the ground around them as a beam of darkness shoots into the sky, Lucifers barrier fell but instead of repelling the next attack, it COUNTERED instead*

Athena: Wait what?! 

Lane: Did you forget my new Lucifer has 2 modes? I knew bringing up our mother would rile you up and attack recklessly so I changed to my counter mode when you weren't looking.. Once a failure, ALWAYS A FAILURE!!!

*Athena lost her shit, the dark power that she worked so hard to seal away broke out again and completely took over her, Adeona glowed in darkness as a demonic flare emerged*

Lane: Thats the stuff!! Maybe now you'll actually put up a fight!!

Demon Athena: I will destroy you!!! IVE HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR SHIT!!!

*Adeona ruthlessly nailed Lucifer with a volley of devastating attacks that would break a ordinary bey, however Lucifer and Adeona are no ordinary beys.*

Lane: Lets end this, LUCIFER!!!

Lane: Lets end this, LUCIFER!!!

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Lane: Flare... Disaster!!

*The blades on Lucifer shined as it burst Adeona in ONE hit, the explosion that followed blew Athena clean off her feet and almost fell off the 14ft cliff and into the ocean below*

Lane: The entire world will be watching the league, i wonder what your face is gonna look like when I break you in front of millions of people.. I wont meet with you again until then. By the way you're gonna fall if you keep sitting there..

Athena: H-huh?

*the cliff crumbled and broke and Athena fell in the cold ocean, Shu however was nearby on a boat and headed to where Athena had fallen*

Athena: Shu! Am I glad to see you!

Shu: Didn't expect to find you in the ocean. Get in.

*Athena got on the boat and she was soaking wet, she sat down*

Athena: Do you have any towels?

Shu: Yeah, here. Do you mind if you take off your clothes?

*Athenas cheeks turned red as a tomato as she tried to process Shu's unusual request*

Athena: Uh.. Yes I do mind taking off my clothes actually..

Shu: Ok maybe I could've worded that differently, but I need you to take them off so they can dry and I don't want you catching a cold especially before your battle against Lui.

Athena: Alright fine but promise me you wont look until I tell you to?

Shu: *closes eyes* Of course. What happens if I do look?

Athena: I'll throw you overboard and you'll be soaked with me!

Shu: Fair enough.

*Athena removed her dress, pants, socks and shoes*

Athena: You can open them now.

*Shu opened his eyes and Athena had nothing on but her Bra and Underwear*

Athena: Where do I put my clothes?

*Shu was super close to having a nosebleed*

Shu: Just sit them next to you.

Athena: By the way, the undies and bra are staying.

Shu: Thats fine.

*Shu drove the boat back home, Athena wrapped herself up in a towel and covered her chest the best she could and the one thing that she started thinking about was: Her Mother..*

Next Chapter: Clash Of Fate! The League Begins!

Chapter Summary: The Legend League finally begins. Starting with A Block, the first 2 matches of Round 1 are Aiga vs Hikaru and Xhaka vs Hyuga!

This is by far my favorite chapter ive EVER written.

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