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Sane or Insane? You Decide


Crossing my legs on the beige couch, which I assume was supposed to feel welcoming and calming for patients, while waiting for Finley to say something. I think she was waiting for me to start, but I wasn't going to. I blew my hair out of my face as I waited for something exciting to happen, even though I knew that wouldn't happen. Finley tapped impatiently on her notepad, waiting for me to start opening up to her as she would like me to do, which of course would never happen. She eyed me intensely, like she was trying to force secrets to spill out of my mouth, but instead of continuing that she cleared her throat as if she was going to start speaking.

"Yes Mrs. Finley." I leaned forward as I said trying to get her to say whatever she was about to say.

"Do you find that these sessions are helping you?" She replies still continuing to tap away on her notepad.

"Nope I find these sessions a waste of my time." I told her bluntly as I leaned back into the couch.

"So you're saying you think these sessions are unnecessary?" She questioned as she looked down at her notepad and started to right like she got something important out of me.

"Yes that's exactly what I'm saying. Finally you understand me." I said calmly even though I was getting more irritated as time went by.

"So let's get started." Wow so we hadn't already been started geez this chick is slow. "Why do your parents think you're mentally unstable?"

"You mean crazy." She gave me a look that said don't start and I shifted a bit before continuing. "Okay fine they think I'm "mentally unstable" because I played a few harmless tricks on them and made myself seem "mentally unstable"."

"And how exactly did you accomplish that?" She asked me in her therapist way.

"Man you and your questions." She gave me another look that just said get on with it already. "Alright geez. It's kinda hard to explain if I don't just start telling you how it started and why it started. So basically I would have to tell you my whole story and since this session is almost done I have no time to tell you that long story."

"Well your parents want help for you so our next session is Thursday after you're done with school okay." She put the notepad down on the chairs arm and folded her hands in front of her like she was daring me to reply.

“Well I can tell you that I will either be really late or I won’t come at all. I have things to do after school.” I stood up quickly which wasn’t such a good idea, since I was in my new heels.

Never try and move fast in new heels you have to break them in before you can do anything in a fast pace. I pushed my hair back over my shoulder and looked down at Finley to find that she had a wicked smile on her face. I had no kind of clue why she would be this kind of happy or whatever she was feeling. Sorry I’m not a therapist so I don’t have a clue.

“You know you should open up more to me. I mean I already know a good amount of stuff about you and that’s all just from observation, so telling me things couldn’t hurt now would it.” She still sat down as I looked down at her in this are you a crazy nut job or something.

“I’m sorry to disappoint but I’m not going to tell you absolutely anything about myself. That’s for people who I think are worthy of my time and patients.” I started to fiddle with my hair and walking around the room because I was impatient and wanted to leave.

“If you don’t want people to know things about you then you should fiddle with your hair because it shows your impatient feeling. You should also cut back on wrinkling your nose because that shows that you’re confused. Maybe start cutting back on moving around so much because that’s shows that you’re nervous.” I eyed her evilly because I really didn’t think any of that was true but then again here I am twiddling my hair in my fingers and walking around. “So if you really didn’t want people to know anything about you well then you shouldn’t show off all these characteristics about yourself.”

Rolling my brown eyes at her and again tossing my long brunette hair off my shoulders I stood in front of her and said, “You still don’t know anything about me, so stop trying to think you do.”

“Actually I really do know you. I know that you really aren’t crazy as you put it but it doesn’t matter at this time because your session is officially over.” She stood up and then attempted to shake my hand.

"Nah man I told you I don't shake hands that involves touching something I don't want to be touching." I told her brusquely while shiver in disgust on purpose and completely disregarding the fact that she knew I wasn’t crazy.

"Sorry I disregarded that to see if you wouldn't just be polite and shake my hand." Slowly putting her hand down still trying to see if I would take it, she replied.

"Well you obviously mean not wanting to touch something has nothing to do with being polite. I just find that I don't like touching things that might get me sick or I just don't want to touch so calm your snooty booty up."

"Well Summer I find you very indecorous." She told me as her calmly manner was breaking down.

"And I find you a vulgar, crude and unsophisticated person no matter how many big words you use." I told her effortlessly, as I stood up to my full height to look her dead in her eyes.  "Now I am leaving and I require a new therapist if you don't mind so when you hear that your fired don't be so shocked."

With that I walked out the door leaving her in a stunned position.



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