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you were sitting on the stairs along with your comrades megumi and nobara, yuuji would have been included if it wasnt for you who chickend out over that special grade cursed spirit.

completely devastated over yuuji's loss, you were so tired of everything at the moment that you didn't even notice the 3 second years walking up to you.

you were just looking at the sky, it was a beautiful light blue and decided it must have been around 2, maybe 3 pm. the sun would set in a few hours meaning you should get ready for the next day soon. hoping to get stronger so none of your comrades would have to die again in front of your eyes.

it was quite a horrible sight actually, seeing yuuji just fall over right in front of you and then laying down without any further movement.

never in your life would you expect someone to die already. ofcourse you knew that people would die when you decided to become a jujutsu sorcerer, but not already in your first year.

it was raining that day too, perfect for the few tears you shed. and you couldve sworn you saw megumi drop a single tear as well.

your peaceful moment came to halt when you heard a strong female voice "hey fushiguro, looking more gloomy than usual today, huh?"

it irritated you that she sounded so careless, as if someone just did not die. megumi had all the right to stay gloomy.

you looked down and closed your eyes once again as you tried to drain all sound around you, hearing the second years bickering over something. you could make out two male voices and one female voice from them.

yet again your little peaceful moment was destroyed as you felt a hand on your shoulder and someone say "mustard leaf?"

opening your eyes and shooting a confused glare at the person in front of you who just said that weird stuff. you came to realize you were facing two of the second years as the other, who was called "maki-senpai" by megumi earlier, was still holding up a conversation with megumi.

"mustard... leaf..?" you asked confused. looking at the boy with off white, golden hair. he seemed to hide the lower part of his face too. next to him was a panda.

you were about too warn the boy that there was a litteral panda standing right behind him, but then the panda spoke
"he is asking if youre okay, i was wondering that too."

your eyes widened slightly and looked confused at the panda who seemed to have intelligence. but just a single "huh?" escaped your mouth.

you eyed nobara who seemed slightly weirded out by the panda too, whispering a soft "what is going on? did the panda just speak?" nobara looked confused untill she came to a conclusion "oh, y/n, that is probably a cursed doll of the principal, maybe?"

looking back at the panda and waiting for approval, he slowly nodded his head, indicating that nobara was indeed right.

"you can call me panda, this over here is inumaki, he is a cursed speech user. he usually talks in onigiri ingredients when he is not in combat to avoid hurting others."

"how thoughtful" you spoke, fascinated, you were new to the jujutsu sorcerer world but after seeing that special grade, you thought nothing would surprise you anymore.

"salmon" the cursed speech user spoke.
you were just about to get up and leave untill you saw the three second years gather up and watched as the panda spoke "the truth is, we'd like you to participate in the kyoto sister school exchange event."

"kyoto sister school exchange event? what is that?" nobara asked confused. "a what now?" you spoke.

"it is a get together with the other tech school in kyoto" megumi answered as he explained about the event to you and nobara.

after maki explained everything about the event and why the third years couldnt participate at the moment, you decided it was time to give your answer.

you stood up along with the other first years, the three of you agreeing to participate in the so called event with a strong resolve of becoming stronger and never letting your comrades die again.

"but if i decide this training and exchange event is pointless, im quitting instantly." declared nobara.

"yes i agree with her here, it would just be a waste of time." you retorted, feeling a pair of violet eyes bore into you.

you looked at the latter and maintained eye contact for what seemed about 3 or 4 seconds, and then decided to listen to pandas rambling again.

"well, people this cocky are all the more worthwhile to train." panda spoke and maki smirked at the comment. inumaki just let out a soft "bonito flakes."

you made a mental note to ask panda or maki to give you some kind off lesson to learn about inumakis special self made language, seeing as he is quite interesting.

looking at the sky and seeing it had barely changed, you decided it was about 10 minutes later as when you looked at that same sky, letting out a soft sigh at how slow this day went by. you were still mourning anyways.

maki and panda were both still talking about the sister school exchange event, nobara all excited as she thought she would go to kyoto, you were telling her later that it was most likely that the event would be held here, for now she could continue being her happy self.

this sigh didnt go unnoticed by inumaki and he approached you, asking again "mustard leaf?"

thinking hard you recalled panda saying that this apperantly meant something along the lines of are you okay? and you quickly answered.

"oh yes im fine, im still mourning about my friend yuuji but ill get to my usual self soon. thank you for asking." looking anywhere but inumakis eyes as you started getting a little depressed at the mention of yuuji again.

inumaki reached his arm out to hold the side of your arm and muttering a soft "salmon." the gesture was so sweet it made you smile a little and you forgot about your problems for a second. it was probably the first time since yuujis death since youve genuinely smiled again.

and of course this didnt go unnoticed by the first and second years standing not too far away from inumaki and you. as you were about to thank inumaki again, you noticed it was getting awfully quiet on your other side where the others were supposed to be talking and bickering about whatever

you and inumaki both looked at the group only to have the group already looking at you guys. "what happened guys?" you spoke.

only to realize that inumakis hand was still on your shoulder and he realized this too. he slid his hand from your shoulder and walked back to the group as you followed.

trying to ignore nobara wiggling eyebrows and makis widened eyes. megumi still had his bored look as usual and didnt think much of it, just like panda.

and then both of you, the first and second years, parted ways. you could already see nobaras teasing smile as you were walking in front of her towards your room.

looking back at her and speaking a soft "not a word nobara" you said with a smile you couldnt contain.

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