🔶🟡Chapter 1🟡🔶

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[999 years later]

~Abandon Dreamtale~

A broken part of the land is floating, in it is a broken dead tree and a crying skeleton statue. A portal was open next to the tree, a skeleton with golden wings appear. He was holding flowers Hyacinth (Purple) then placing it next to the crying statue. After doing that a portal appear again, another skeleton appear but the skeleton has an ink splat on it's right cheekbone.

"Dream... Come on let's go. I know you come here, every specific day but the Justice Council need you now they've been whining on your gone" the skeleton said to the skeleton who has golden wings.

"Heh... Be right there ink" Dream told ink.

"Alright" ink sighs and left. Dream stayed their for a minute then quickly left not noticing a crack in the statue.

<Dream POV>

It's been 999 years since nightmare became a statue. In XXX year I have recovered some of my sanity and memories of my past life and current. Theirs a huge chunk of my memory missing. I got my journal back from my world to try to remember bits of my memories and it somehow work. It seems like I made a Justice Council while I was insane. It made me uncomfortable when the others are near it's like am burning, so I always made sure to not them. Ink and blue are the only ones that am able to get near.  I meet them when I was insane. Ink, was from x tale. No memories of what happen or why was he stuck their in Xtale, cross was their it seems like they are friends. Until my insane self came and made a deal with ink and took ink left cross there. It seems like ink is my right hand. Blue on other hand is my left hand, meet him in the anti void. Apparently his world got destroy, he manage to get away but got stuck in the anti void. He has a friend their name error until I in my insane self came and made a deal with blue then took him away.

Heh. When some of my sanity and memories return, they seem to notice off about me. When I tried to act like my insane self. That's when they cornered me, that I explain myself that I've regain some of my sanity and memories back. At first they didn't believe, but when I explain of some of my memories they understand. They explain to me of what I do and that I created The Justice Council. I've got the jist of it and act as my insane self when am not. Knowing I turn nightmare into stone broke me, but knowing it's to protect nightmare from myself. When I lost control of my self, it seems like my subconscious part of tried to protect him from myself so it froze nightmare.

As Time goes by(1000 years now) doing our same routine and more paperwork a disturbance happen, a wave negativity wash over in the multiverse. It seems like nightmare broke free. In that moment of thought I've wanted to rush over him, hug him and say am sorry, but with the things I've done when I was insane I feel like I wasn't worthy being his brother. But the positivity power inside me forces me to be positive, at the same time not. I feel miserable. 

<Nightmare POV>

I was frozen in stone by my brother..... no IT

I don't know how to feel about that Anger?, Hate?, or Guilty?....

Anger for not noticing the injuries I have Receive....

Hate for turning me into a statue...

Guilty for not telling him what the villagers did to me and not stopping him get snap then eat the apples...

I really don't know...

Being a statue is like you can see and hear at the same time not actually its more on sensing...?

It seems like dream started visiting me...

He seems like putting flowers next to me and left...?

Didn't Dream hate me?

Didn't they told me that all the time that Dream hates me?

Was that an illusion made by the residents?(AKA Villagers)

"Sorry..... moonbeam.... wasn't.... me.... want.... to.... protect... you... Goodbye."

He was sorry?

What did he mean and what goodbye?

Its seems like dream came, put the flowers beside me and stayed there for a while then left.

Dream wasn't supposed to be sad...

Dream wasn't supposed to be melancholy...

Dream was supposed to be serious, yet kind....

Dream was supposed to be the responsible yet full of positivity...

What happen to him?


"Oof" Nightmare fell, and seem to realize that he was free. He quickly look around. The world is broken and burning, and it seems life he's in one of the floating parts of the land with the Tree. It smells like copper and dust in the air. Nightmare remember and quickly look next to him. Flowers, no Hyacinth(Purple) flowers, he knows the meaning of this flowers. Knowing he's brother has been sending him flower every day, when he was stone. Not knowing what to feel about it.

He decided to run and hide somewhere, to think about his inner conflict.


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 should i put the original name of nightmare meme squad name or named it different? 






also should i make dream to attack nightmare or try to find him

OR should i make nightmare hate him decide to get revenge or something 

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