Chapter 26: Left Spin Training! Adeona Unleashed!

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~1 day left until the league started, Athena was in the changing room, getting changed for training. As she was about to put on her shirt, she hesitated as she began to think about Lane and her new friends~

Athena: *thinks* everyone is working hard to win the tournament, everyone is getting stronger and I'm falling behind.. I wont be done in by the legends.. I ll defeat anyone who gets in my way to Lane!! And Lane, just you wait! Because I'm coming for you!!

~she puts on her shirt and walked out of the changing room and headed to the training arena where Shu was waiting~

Athena: Alright Shu, im ready!

Shu: Good. If you want to counter Longinus then you need to have experience using and battling a left spin bey. So for our training you should use Angelic Adeona.

*Athena changed to Angelic Adeona as Shu changed to his left spin setting*

Shu: Lets go!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Spriggan and Adeona land in the stadium and speed around at high speed*

Athena: Go get him Adeona!!!

*Adeona clashes with Spriggan, but the attack was countered*

Athena: Keep going!!!! Scorch Them!!

*Adeona and Spriggan clash back and forth, not giving an inch at all*

Shu: You've gotten a lot better.

Athena: I know, the league is tomorrow so I want to be as strong as I can!

Shu: *smiles* cant argue with that. Go Spriggan!!!

*Spriggan blows away Adeona, Adeona retained its speed*

Athena: Alright lookin good!! Angelic Burst!!

Shu: Finish it! World Slash!

*both beys burst, resulting in a draw*

Athena: A draw...

Shu: We aren't done yet!

Athena: R-right!

~the training went on for a bit and the draws kept on going. Meanwhile Lane was in a separate training room, he looked down at the stadium where Lucifer was spinning. Lucifers flare was burning up the stadium as its intense speed rattled it.~

~an hour had passed and Athena and Shu were getting tired from the constant training~

Shu: Lets make this the final battle.

Athena: Yeah. I don't know how much more of this i can take.

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Adeona and Spriggan land in the stadium. Adeona goes in for a big attack*

Athena: Blow it away!!

Shu: Take it Spriggan!!!

*Adeona and Spriggan clash. The clash sends bolts of lightning throughout the room. The 2 clashed back and forth intensely.*

Shu: Lets finish this!! World Slash!!!!

*Adeona was blown high up into the air*

Athena: Dont give up!!! Hang in there!!!!

*Adeonas flare activated as it bounced off the ceiling and accelerated back down towards the stadium, right towards Spriggan.*

Shu: What?!

Athena: Angelic Supernova!!!

*Adeona landed directly on top of Spriggan, a white ball of fire that looked like that of a white sun emerged from the stadium. Lane who was secretly watching from afar looked on in interest. The explosion subsided and Spriggan burst*

Shu: No way... Impossible!!

*Spriggans layer and driver hit the stadium with a loud clang*

Athena: Yes!! We did it!!!

*Shu simply smiled and hands Athena her bey back*

Shu: You did great in that battle and id say you developed the perfect move to beat Lui.

~Athena smiled happily, after a little coversation Athena went to go get changed into her normal clothes. On her way she runs into Lane~

Athena: Oh.. Hey Lane. What are you doing?

Lane: Your Flare..

Athena: My Flare? What about it?

Lane: Its evolving isnt it?

Athena: Evolving? I haven't noticed anything.

Lane: I guess we'll see about that soon enough..

*Lane walked away and Athena just went about the rest of her day*

~the next day, it was time for the Legend League. Thousands upon thousands of fans were in the crowd cheering and screaming in excitement. Hanami appeared on stage along with the 16 Bladers.~

Hanami: Ok boys and girls!! The day is finally here, the legend league will begin with 2 battle royales! The bladers will be randomized into 2 groups.

~the screen above began shuffling the bladers. The 1st battle contained Lane, Athena, Aiga, Lui, Hyuga, Free, Rantaro and Wakiya. 

The 2nd contained Valt, Sisco, Drum, Delta, Gwyn, Shu, Xhaka and Hikaru.~

Hanami: And now that you know the battles!! Let the Legend League begin!!

~a Double Decker stadium emerged from the stadium, the 1st group stepped on their designated platforms. Athena looked over at Lane who had a sinister smile on his face~

Referee: Battle Royale! Ready, Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!


Next Chapter: Kaboom! Battle Royale!

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