Chapter 25: Last Chance! Defeat Xhaka!

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~it was the final night at the dojo, there was 2 days remaining until The Legend League began. Athena, Shu and Xhaka finally got the spreadsheet that contained the tournament bracket. For the first round, Athena was going to battle Lui. Xhaka was going to battle Hyuga and Shu was up against Gwyn~

Athena: Looks like we all got tough opponents.

Xhaka: *laughs* im kinda in a pickle because I have never battled this Hyuga fellow so I don't know how strong he is.

Shu: Im up against Gwyn. Valt is up against Drum so if we win our matches then me and Valt will fight in the second round.

Athena: That's awesome!!!

Xhaka: Id pay good money to see you and Valt battle again.

Shu: Well im sure if I do face Valt that I won't be holding back.

Xhaka: Glad to hear that.. I'll be sure to give it my all as well!

~as Shu and Xhaka kept talking, Athena slipped away and went outside, she stared off into Japans beautiful night sky, she holds Adeona in her hand~

Athena: Its such a beautiful night, isnt it Adeona?

*Adeona shined*

Athena: Thought so. The sky is so beautiful in Japan compared to New York. Its kinda romantic..

~Shu comes out and and sat next to her~

Athena: Oh hey Shu.

Shu: Hey. What are you doing out here?

Athena: Just staring off into space.

Shu: I see.. Mind if I join you?

Athena: Sure.

~Athena and Shu sat together for a while, as the bright full moon shined on them~

Shu: Its so nice. Sitting with you like this.

Athena: What do you mean?

Shu: Its great being able to spend time with you, its quite nice.

Athena: *flirty* are you saying you like me?

Shu: *sweatdrops* as a friend yes. Did you think I meant something else?

Athena: *giggles* Maybe... To be honest, i "flirted" with you just as a joke.

Shu: Kinda what I figured. You totally caught me off guard with that.

Athena: Hehe, thats the idea.

~Athena layed down and fell asleep~

Shu: *smiles and touches her hand* you're just as goofy and kind as the day I met you.. Please don't ever change Athena.

~Shu layed down on his side and fell asleep as well~

~meanwhile, Lane stood on top of a building in the city as he held a mirror to his bare shoulder~

Lane: So the Devil's Mark is finally taking form... Ashtem, your little science project better work. if it doesn't, i'll destroy you personally!!

~the Mark activated and Lanes body was covered in flame-like symbols, Lanes hair began to turn blue as he was completely covered. Lane then screamed to the full moon above him~

Demon Lane: Aiga, Lui, Athena!!! I WILL have my revenge!!!

~the next morning, Athena had challenged Xhaka before they left~

Athena: Go Adeona!!!

Xhaka: Smash it!

*Adeona was burst*

Athena: Aww.. I lost..

Xhaka: You need to be going soon so this will be the final battle.

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Adeona and Xcalibur land in the stadium*

Athena: Go!

Xhaka: Xcalibur!!!

*Adeona and Xcalibur clash, Xcalibur moved to its aligned state*

Xhaka: I wont lose a 2nd time! Go!! Wrap this up with Fifth Impact!!!

Athena: Adeona!!! Hang in there!!!

Xhaka: What?!

*Adeona had dodged Xcaliburs attack*

Xhaka: It dodged my Fifth Impact?!.. No matter, Xcalibur!!!

Athena: Im not losing! Adeona!

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Athena: Im not losing! Adeona!

Athena: Im not losing! Adeona!

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Xhaka: Fifth Impact!!!

Athena: Guide Slash!!!

*Adeona and Xcalibur clash, bursts of sparks and lightning fly from the stadium as the 2 beys fight in a fierce back-to-back clash. The epic clash didn't stop, Adeona and Xcalibur weren't losing speed as the epic collisions continued*

Xhaka: *thinks* was she hiding this power from the start? What is going through her head?

Athena: *thinks* this is so much fun! When I face Lane in the finals, i'll show him my true power and show him the true meaning of blading!

*Adeona and Xcalibur come in for the final attack*

Athena: End this!!

Xhaka: Strike it down!!!

*the beys clash and Xcalibur flies out of the stadium*

Xhaka: What?!

Athena: Alright!!

Xhaka: *laughs* i lost again, ah well looks like i still got a long way to go.. If I face you at the league, i promise I will win.

Athena: We'll see. Good luck Xhaka.

~Athena and Shu say their goodbyes and they head down the mountain~


Next Chapter: Left Spin Training! Adeona Unleashed!

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