My boys a murderer

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(here is a new person to be introduced into the story kk also yeah im including a fanfic of creepypastas...)


Jacks pov:

Im Jack seth.Yeah i know seth is a weird last name but its mine dammit!Anyway ive been in this highschool since i was a fishy meaning..ya know freshmen.Now im  finally a junior!Close to leaving those assholes.I love my first day as a junior ill get to finally let everyone know im bi!

(in the school)

I walk to the library as I bump into a boy.Huh..hes cute but abit buff.Probably a jock."E-excuse me.."dammit...He smiles abit and nods walking off quickly."huh..",i walk in the library and sit down.I pull out my sketchbook and start my latest sketch.

(Later as the bell rings)

Welp its beautiful heh."hey whats your name"hm?..i look behind me.its that guy from earlier."um..Jack,Jack Seth""Im toby rogers.."he tics abit and i giggle silently watching him."heh well if the jocks see us talking theyd pummel you."he looks around."i dont see any besides i dont care what they think of me.Its not like any of them can take me."heh ok tough guy.

no ones pov:

He stands up to go to class with toby."Ya know ive never seen a jock walk with the outcast.."Jack says."who said i was a jock?im just like you..only..made fun of.."Toby looks to him saying.Jacks eyes look at him wide and says"you look like a jock bro".Just then he bumps into a jock who looks at him grinning."aww look guys tobys got a new boyfriend! how cute"The students around him laugh as toby growls ticking."At least i can get someone unlike you who cant keep his girls!"The sound of everyone ooooing fills the silence as the jock growls grabbing tobys front shirt."whatd you say punk!"he then punches toby as falls to the ground."Thats what i thought."the jock walks away ,leaving toby laying there in pain as Jack picks him up."Why i outta!..."toby whispers to himself.

Jacks pov:

(theyre now in class)

the teacher gives us a collaborative assignment and i talk to toby."Sorry i couldnt stand up for you.." He shrugs."its cool alot of people dont have my bravery.."I sigh.Man im so weak...


Hey yall yep as ive said creepypasta fanfic but except they never get toby when he goes to the hes safe there heh.Anyway i know i just updated but i like writing so there may be more coming.

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