Too late

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Keyanna POV

Anthony carried me naked throwing me in the backseat of his car.

I kicked and screamed trying to stall for Xavier.

He was moments away and ill be damned if I let them take me again.

I kicked aggressively at his car windows.

Doing anything I could think of to stall.

Anthony got in the car pointing a gun at my head once again.

"Shut the fuck up and sit up straight before I fucking shoot you."

He said

I mugged him

"Shoot me "I said.

I know I was taking a huge risk but I had to try.

He chuckled "I love you too much to shoot you but I will shut you the hell up "he said as the barrel of the gun came down the side of my face surrounding me with darkness.

Xavier POV


I was ready to kill any and everyone that was involved.

We piled up in 7 vans as Nerd handed me the location.

"Let's go "I screamed as everyone started their vans following me.

He had her some where way across town.

It was going to take an hour to get there but the way I had us driving we'd get there in about 25 minutes.

Praying the police wouldn't be anywhere in sight

I pushed the white van as much as I could.

I was too close to having her back to see it get fucked up.

20 minutes later.

We pulled around the back of the old looking house hopping out with our guns drawn.

Some went through the front, some the back, while others stayed outside keeping watch.

Me, I went through the back knowing most likely that were she'd be.

We kicked the door in checking the house up and down as my worst nightmare came true.

I was too late again.

All the guilt I felt from Ace's death came racing back to me I felt like a child.

A small useless child.

I zoned out remembering why I felt the need to protect Keyanna when we first met.

I was around six years old . I was still young but I was smart for my age and far from naive

Me and My mother lived together in our small two bedroom house.

My father was knee deep in the streets so he was really never there for us.

My mother worked as a nurse making enough money to support us along with the money my father supplied us with.

This lasted about six months until my father was robbed blind making his empire fall terribly.

He ended up moving in with me and my mother.

First it started off as him drinking, then the arguments, then the beatings.

One night my mother was sitting on the couch with me watching some old lifetime movie when my father stumbled in drunk as usual.

" Gone in your room boy " he said drunkenly walking towards my mama messing with his belt buckle.

"Gone baby gone to your room " my mama said kissing my forehead.

I went to my room putting my ear to the door listening to make sure he didn't hit her again

" I love you, I really do but I can't deal with this anymore me and Xavier are leaving this house and you for good " I heard my mother say finally taking up for herself.

I then heard a ear piercing scream.

Louder than her usual screams.

I started shaking I couldn't just let this happened I had to do something.

I creeped to my mother's room grabbing it as I walked in the livingroom pointing it directly at him and


"Xavier, Xavier. " Buddha said bringing me from my thoughts.

"We found this " he said handing me Keyannas pajamas , her earrings, and her wedding ring.

I blinked away tears

I needed to fix this and fix it fast.

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