Catching Feelings

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"Ouch", I said when Jason hit me on the butt. "What are you doing?", I yelled at him. "My bad I was playing", he said. "Don't play like that" I said. "So I'm guessing you didn't like it", he said with a smirk on his face. "Ugh shut up", I said trying to hide the smile on my face. We went to my room and watched a movie because my little brother came downstairs. We started watching a comedy show. Jason said he was going downstairs to get a drink so I told him to get me something too. When he came back he had a bottle of liquor with two cups. "Do you want to?" He asked. "Okay", knowing I couldn't handle it I said stupidly. After five drinks I didn't know what I was doing anymore.

All I remember is waking up on Jason's chest. He was shirtless. I start getting worried. "What's wrong?" He asked. " I can't remember anything from last night, what happened? Did we?" I asked in a scared tone. " No I wouldn't take advantage of you like that, you wanted to but I told you, you would like it better sober" he said with a smirk on his face. "Well why am I only wearing this big t shirt?" I asked. " You threw up on yourself and wanted my shirt so I gave it to you. I wanted to sleep on the floor but you said you could only sleep cuddling with me." He said. "Okay thanks for not taking advantage of me", I said smiling at him. I started walking towards him to hug him. When I was wrapping my arms around him, and about to put my head in his chest he kissed me. It was sudden but still slow. He slowly slid his tongue threw our lips, then it felt like his hands hands got lower to below my waist. "What am I thinking?" I thought. I pushed him off, and said "We can't". "Your right", he said. "I'm going to go shower", I said.

When I walked out of the shower Jason was sleeping in my bed, so I threw a pillow at him to see if he would wake up and he didn't. So I tried off, put on under clothes, and start putting on lotion. I turned around, and he was waking up so I tried to run in my closet. He was already up and seen me in my bra and underwear. "It's okay" he said smiling. "No it's not get out please, but wait I need my towel."

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