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Warning: This may be short.

A long time ago, like most stories, there was a king, queen, and a kingdom to rule over. Only with our story, there wasn't even a kingdom or a ruler of any kind. Our story takes place starting out with nothing. Complete darkness everywhere,nothing even existed at that point. Until a flash of light appeared out of nowhere. When it faded, a girl stood in its place. Tall, strong, dark skin, dark hair, clothes made of gold and silver, and eyes full of nothingness. She raised her hands and six others appeared in a circle around her. A total of two blondes, two brunettes, and three black-haired girls all together. The leader spoke in an ancient language unknown to others and assigned jobs for every girl. The first was assigned to create a vast galaxy and space around them stretching to no end. Two others were told to create planets, but only one should be habitable for people like themselves. Another was tasked to create starts, the moon and sun. A fifth was told to separate and organize all that was created. The sixth girl was told to create a place high up for them all to live in. She was told to create a vast, beautiful palace and a village for people to live in after they were created. The last one, however, watched them work until their attention was turned away from her.

When they weren't looking she flew down to directly an equal distance opposite of the space between the habitable planet and the place they would soon live, and started to work. The place she created was large, just the exact same size as their soon-to-be home. It was dark and terrible and filled with all the horrible things that resided in her and the others. She created a deep, dark pit in the depths of this place, and created a being, chained to floor to forever remain, who ruled over all the terrible things that now surrounded her. After finishing, she returned back to the others, who had finished their work. Smiling, they all flew towards the palace that was created just for them. She led them to a room, larger than any other in their castle, and used her magic to craft it just how they wanted it. Later that night, as she rose the moon, she stretched out her magic to fill every home with a family. She filled the castle with servants, maids, and butlers, and even created the one we know as the Holy Spirit himself. She used him as her advisor, when it came to her paperwork or handling court when the villagers came for requests. All in all, it was a peaceful, harmonic place.

One day, one villager, a man, was starting to wonder why they took orders from seven women. He eventually started to rebel against it and recruit others to join with him. Soon everyone who lived there was with the idea of not having female rulers. It got to be too much. One night, the main ruler got in an argument with her advisor, the Holy Spirit, on whether or not she and the others should stay or not. After managing to convince him, she stretched out her magic one more time, and made the night last longer than normal. She temporarily erased every villagers mind and put it in their heads that they had a king, queen and prince. She then walked into one of the many spare bedrooms, one of the biggest, and created the new king and queen themselves. She then went farther down the hall, and did the same for the new prince. Before leaving, she put memories in their heads to make them believe they have ruled here the entire time. She confided in the Holy Spirit and told him all he needed to know. With a final word and a sorrowful look, he let her go round up the others and waved to her as she flew away. It would've been wrong to say he had took a special liking to her, but it was right nonetheless. Everyday, he wished for her to come back, and always remembered the vow she made that she would come back soon. Now only six girls lie in wait. The seventh was somehow lost and no one knew the reason. It all remains a mystery...

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