Chapter 2: Arguments and New Arrivals

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Michael's p.o.v.

After she left, I tried to go back to sleep with no luck. My thoughts were filled with her and only her. I can't believe she came back. I still wonder when she's really coming back though. The one thought I can't get out of my head was: I can't believe I tried to kiss her. (Sorry his p.o.v. was so stupid.)

Makenna's p.o.v.

After coming back, I instantly heard arguing the next morning over something probably trivial. Sighing, I got up, showered, changed and walked out. As I progressed to the dining area, the shouts got louder. Turning the corner, I saw Celaena and Raven shouting at each other, obviously the topic was changed to family issues. Eona, Elsa, FP just sat watching them bicker, eating their breakfast. I stayed out of sight watching them, till I saw Celaena raise her fist. She's always the violent type, since her main life story was an assassin. Just when she was about to strike Raven across the face, I shouted a "Hey!" getting their attention. I heard FP gasp, as Celaena and Raven whipped their heads around to look at me. Everyone gaped at me, like they've never even seen me, which is partially true. Sad, I know.

"What is going on?"

Celaena was the first to talk. "Raven here, thinks she's got it bad since her father is a demon. Well, MY parents were murdered! At least she has One of her parents still alive!"

"I'm sorry, YOU had a checkered past, but at least your father doesn't want to kill you!"

They continued yelling, each accusing the other for something, till finally I had enough.

"Alright, SHUT UP! Both of you!" I screamed, my staff materializing in my hand, as I slammed it against the ground. "You think you've got it bad? Take a look at my life. I'm the one who spent my time creating everything that exists with your help. I'm the one who protected you all from possibly being killed or hung, because of some stupid rebellion against us. I'M the one who had to give up my domain, my throne, my authority, power, dignity, and crown so we were safe. I had to wipe everyone's memory, change every single book, and basically change the entire point of view on us for our people. We are now classified as legends and myths to everyone. I even had to make personal sacrifices for you all. I gave up EVERYTHING for you safety and well-being. If you think your life is bad, take a look at mine. Then rethink your judgement." On that final note, I turned and left for my study, more ticked off than I was before.

Elsa's p.o.v.
I've never seen Makenna get so mad before. I looked over at Celaena and Raven to see them both sheet white, shock clearly present on their faces. I went to stand up to go after our friend when Phoebe put her hand on my shoulder.
"Give her time. She needs it."
I sat back down just as the others did too. We all ate our breakfast silently before going to our common room.

Makenna's p.o.v.

I read and signed off papers in an attempt to rid my self of my anger. I groaned and threw my pen down in frustration as it wasn't working. I ran my hands through my hair and sighed. Not figuring out a way to calm down in any way, I flew out the window onto the roof. I looked out over the endless layers of clouds and fog, covering our haven. I didn't realize I was crying until I felt a tear roll down my face. Soon as all of the memories slammed back into me and I broke down, not really caring if the others heard or found me up here.

After crying for a good few minutes, I came back down and heard light tapping against the wooden door of my study. Wiping my eyes and hoping they weren't red, I opened the door to see Phoebe. She seemed shocked that I opened the door, but regained herself to ask if I wanted to talk with the others about earlier. Surprising even myself, I agreed.

Third p.o.v.
The other four girls sat patiently waiting to see if Phoebe would return with Makenna or not. All were shocked to see said person following the fire manipulator.

"Holy shit." slipped out of Celaena's mouth, while the others stared incredulously at her lack of a language filter. They watched as Makenna sat on the couch opposite them, before she spoke up.

"What is it that you wanted to talk about?"

The others looked at each other, still stunned by the appearance of their powerful friend and leader, before Eona spoke up.

"Um, we're sorry for upsetting you this morning."

"It's fine," she nonchalantly responded, "but this isn't what you wanted to talk about, now is it?"

"Well, last night, I saw you flying back here at around 3 am, and I asked the others about it and they didn't know you left, so we were all wondering where you went last night."

Makenna's p.o.v.
To be honest, I have expected that question to come up, but I didn't think someone saw me last night. So I decided to come clean about the incident last. I explained everything about seeing Michael and the near-kiss incident. They were shocked to hear about Michael and I confirmed their suspicions of him having a crush on me. I also shut down any thought of him and I together. It was nice to talk to them and actually have a for real conversation with them. I haven't done this in years. I think they appreciated it too.

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