Chapter 1: Issues

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🌌Spirit World

3rd p.o.v.

The six girls who remain sat in their common room once they made it to the spirit world. All but one. The leader, Makenna, sat in her study, surrounding herself with books and papers and limited light. She continually stressed over the issue of how they lost their seventh member, and where she ended up for days. A knock on the door interrupted her thoughts.

Makenna's p.o.v.

I was working on paperwork, when a knock interrupted my concentration. The door opened to reveal Raven, the daughter of a demon.


"Well, we would like to invite you to dinner. We are having soup, salad and sandwiches."



"I said no, now leave. I wish to be alone."

I watched as she closed the door, and heard her footsteps fade from the door. I sighed as I spun my chair around to face the window, showing me the fading sunset. I raised my right hand to set the sun, and once it disappeared, I raised my left to bring the moon and stars to the sky. I spun my chair back around and turned in my lamp, working for a few more hours. Around midnight, I signed the last paper and sat back in my chair, thinking about the incident with Raven earlier. I shouldn't have acted so harsh to her. I can't imagine how the others reacted. I pushed myself out of my chair and walked into the abandoned dining room. I warmed a bowl of soup and ate slowly, caught up in my thoughts. 'I wish I had stayed, but I would have put the others in risk.' I pushed my unfinished bowl aside and walked to the big window in the common room. I could still see the distant shape of the castle. 'Well, I guess one visit wouldn't hurt.' I ran to my study and locked the door. I opened my window and stepped out, walking through the sky in the direction of the castle. I turned my head to look at our home, before clearing my thoughts and continuing on.

Raven's p.o.v.
*few hours earlier*
Once I left Makenna's study, I walked into the dining room where the others where.


"She won't come out."

"UGH! I don't understand! She's always been so bitter and unresponsive ever since we got here!"

"Woah! First, Celaena calm down. You made Elsa freeze her fork, FP burn part of her sandwich, and Eona spill a spoonful of soup in her lap. Second, you do realize that our seventh member has been missing for a while now, and she is doing her hardest to find her."

"Honestly. When we still lived in the castle, she always talked to us about everything, even Michael."

"You mean the Holy Spirit?"

"Yeah. She always said how she could trust him, and she even told us that she thinks he had a crush on her."

"Why would you say that?"

"She said that he was reluctant to let her leave when we did."


I watched the conversation between Celaena and Eona. After sitting down and eating myself, we all retired to our rooms for the night.

Makenna's p.o.v.

Once I made it to the front gate, I was surprised to see no guards patrolling at night. 'This place really did go downhill. This will be a weak kingdom if someone doesn't do something about it.' I passed through the gate, and opened the door leading inside. I looked around before walking in and closing it behind me. I looked to my right before padding down the hallway to my left, trying to remember where my old room was. Once I found it, I tried to turn the knob to find out it was locked. I rattled the doorknob and tried to push it open but with no luck. Why would someone lock my door? I know I didn't lock when I left. I then flicked my hand and a key appeared, and I unlocked the door with ease. I crept quietly into the room, before turning it around and locking it again. I froze when I heard an all to familiar voice whisper my name.

"Makenna?" I turned around to be met with a familiar face.

"Michael?" We stared at each other in disbelief before he rushed toward me. I tensed at his touch, which was something he noticed.

"What are you doing here? You've been gone for years."

"I'm just visiting for the night. Why are in my old room?" I knew he liked and missed me, but this was ridiculous.

"I missed you."

"That's not all. Why were you in here?"

I watched him heave a sigh, "It's been awful here without you. The prince is arrogant," to be expected, "the Queen is conceited and the King, oh the king, it's like he's never ruled before."

"It's because he hasn't. Remember, I put those false memories into his head." He acts like I didn't tell him this before I left.

"Oh, right. But, I did mean it when I said I missed you." I noticed him come closer, and I didn't like it. I needed to tell him I didn't feel the same, before it was too late.

"I know."

"So, please just let me..." He leaned towards me. I knew his intentions were to kiss me, so I moved out of his grasp before he could.

"I'm sorry I can't." He looked hurt and rejected, and it was all my fault. I had to get out of here. "I have to go." I turned and left, leaving him standing there heartbroken, as I flew out the door, down the hall, and out of the castle. I leaned against the gates hyperventilating, trying to collect my thoughts about what happened. Turning to look at the castle, I saw Michael looking out of one of the windows dead at me. Afraid he'd still try to come after me, I backed away before running off and flying back to the isolated sanctuary I now called home.

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