Part 1

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Kaitlyn woke up at 6:30 am, just like clockwork. The sun beamed in to her room and she smiled to greet the day.

It was near the end of July, and her summer vacation was coming to an end. In just a couple of weeks, the semester would begin at UW Madison where she had been teaching for the past two years.

She stretched and rose from the bed, beginning her usual routine. She went into the bathroom to take care of her morning duties and then bounded down the stairs in one of her many oversized football themed t-shirts and running shorts. Flipping on NFL Network as she worked her way to the coffee pot, she suddenly realized why she was in such a good mood this morning. Training camp was about to start!

After brewing her coffee, she headed to her favorite overstuffed chair and turned up the volume. Currently, a live report from Packers camp was on. As a Wisconsin girl, of course she loved her Pack. When they cut to a shot of Aaron Rodgers arriving and waving, she beamed. "There's my sweetie pie," she said to herself. "Looking good, baby!" she added, chuckling to herself. There was only one NFL player she loved more than Mr. Rodgers, and that was her fellow UW alum JJ Watt.

Just as if she made it happen, the report went to Texans camp and JJ was arriving, smiling and waving with that beautiful smile that could light up any room. She sighed to herself. "Now there's my man," she giggled. Realizing that she had just spent the last two hours infatuated with the reports in front of her, she jumped up realizing that she was going to be late to her department meeting at nine, as it was now 8:40.

"Come on, girl! Get it together!" She raced up the stairs and quickly got ready. Good thing she was so close to her campus and made it to her meeting just in the nick of time.

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