Chapter 1: The Beginning

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Hey guys, Kirito here! Hope you enjoy my new story! Now that I've become a brony, I think it's time I start making stories about the stuff! so here it is, my first MLP Fanfic: Doctor Whooves and Derpy Hooves Story! Enjoy! (Note: It's based off of the youtube series Doctor Whooves and Assistant.)


Chapter 1: The beginning

Doctor's POV

"So, Derpy, where to next?" I asked as we entered the Tardis. "Umm, well, I was thinking on visiting Ponyville to hang out with my friends, and to relax, I guess." Derpy asnwered, her left eye moving around the room. "Alright, then let's go! Ticktock, you want to go as well?" I asked our fellow traveller. "Sure, it would be nice to just relax for a bit, after all the adventures we've been through." He answered, in the neuteral tone he always speaks in. "Alright! To Ponyville!" I began pressing multiple buttons, setting the time period, location, and other things. I then flipped the lever to begin the travel. The Tardis shook violently, as per usual, making that sound that I just love. After a few moments, it stopped, and we exited the Tardis and stepped outside. We were on a field near Ponyville, but something was different qabout the town. "Well, what is that? I don't remember that being in Ponyville before." I said, gazing at the giant castle that now overlooked the town. "Let's go take a look!" Derpy said, and we ran towards the castle.


"Well, that's interesting. It seems to be made out of saphire and blue stone." I said, examining the massive castle. "Let me just see with my sonic screwdriver." I said, pulling it out of my pocket and moving it around the base of the building. "Well, fancy that! The castle seems to be made out of pure magical energy! Or at least, deep inside the castle." I said, shocked at the readings I got. "Well, let's go inside!" Derpy said, and walked in. Me and Ticktock followed, unsure about the place. "Wait, I hear voices coming from that way!" I said, pulling Derpy to the side. I glanced over to where the voices were coming from and saw Twilight and a group of her friends all gathered around a mirror. "Wonder what they are up to?" I said, mostly to myself. Suddenley, Twilight walked through the mirror and vanished. "What the?! How? Where did she go?" Derpy whispered. I dont know, but look at all of those electronics around the mirror. Let's check it out when the others leave. Oh, look! they are coming this way! Hide!" I said, and we all hide inside a small alcove in the  wall. They passed by, not noticing us, and dissapeared behind the next hall. We exited the alcove and walked up to the mirror. "Well, only one way to find out. Avante!" I said, and ran into the mirror.


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