*Mikes POV*

I heard someone screaming. That was definetely Chester. He screamed for help.

"Guys! Shut up!", I hissed. They stopped talking.

He screamed again.


My eyes filled with tears. They hurt Chester again. No, not my Chester.

"Thats Chester! THATS CHESTER!!"

I immediately forgive him for everything and ran into the near of the screams. I ran how fast my legs were carrying myself. And then everything went so fast. I saw the bastard who lay on top of my best friend. I grabbed his arm, turned him around and screamed in his surprised face:


I hit him in the face and dragged him off of Chester. I screamed like the devil:


My fist collided under his chin. Blood was dripping out of his mouth. I hit him again and kicked him into his stomach. But all of sudden his fist collided with my eye and I stumbled backwards and fell over. I saw yellow stars dancing in front of my eye. I shook my head and was shocked when the rapist and Chester were away. But then somebody slammed a door and I heard Chester scream again.

"Chester", I screamed in reply.

Then Dave, Joe and Rob came but I didn't recognized them because I was trying to open again. I beated against it and screamed again:


I pulled against it and suddenly it cracked open. I was surprised and went into the bathroom. But nobody was in there.

*Brads POV*

I was still angry that Dave didn't believe Chester. I mean, Chester could not even hurt a fly. Chester was a good guy. He was always there when someone needed his help or needed to talk. The fact that he had a lot of issues in his childhood made him stronger. And he always showed us how to be strong and not to give up, because he knew whats worth for living. He always told me, whenever I had a mental breakdown or something, not to give up. His smile was the cutest on this planet and I'm not even gay. Also he had a good sense of humor and an incredible voice. Without him we wouldn't have made it to what we are now. Without him we wouldn't be known all over the planet.

Why could Dave not believe im? After our talk he left the room angry. I just hoped he would change his mind. Of course, this was all for us a worse situation and it was very confusing and awkward. But we had to hold together, as a band and friends.

I was ripped out of my thoughts when I heard a lot of screams. I inhalted sharply when I recognized them as Mike and Chester. I ran out of the room and into Dave. The screams stopped and all I saw was a very dark situation. Mike was sitting on the ground with his arms around his knees. His head buried between his arms. Joe sat right next to him and tried to talk to him. The image of Mike was very pity.

"Whats wrong", I asked Dave breathless, who was just standing a few metres away from Mike and Joe.

"He kidnapped him", he said absolutely dry.

"Who kidnapped who", I asked more in detail.

"The kidnapper... Chester... he...", he stopped and looked away. It seemed like he was fighting with his tears. Joe was fighting with his tears. Joe.

"Wait? What?"

He sniffled, turned around and said:

"We just heard Chesters screams. Then we- Mike ran to him to help him. He had a little battle with that bastard and when we came he was beating against the bathroomdoor. Then it sprung open but nobody was in. The window was open and we heard an engine noise and a squeak of the wheels. And now Chesters caught, kidnapped, away. Brad. He's away and it was our fault."

"Oh shit", I whispered.

I was speechless. Chester was kidnapped by one of these bastards. I kneeled in front of Mike when Joe left and mouthed 'try you to talk to him'.

"Hey buddie", I said with a forced smile.

"H-hey Braddles", he stuttered. His voice was shaking extremely.

"How do you feel?"

"T-terrible. Brad, I feel terrible. Make it away. I can't live with that feeling. B-Brad, p-please", he begged and finally looked up at me.

I lay my arm around his shoulders, trying to give him some comfort.

"Why do you feel terrible, Mike", I really tried my best.

"Because I was a jerk. I left him there alone, he was crying Brad. HE WAS CRYING AND I LEFT. I didn't even try to believe him. Brad. Help me. I want my best friend back, hold him in my arms and apologize. What if h-he g-gets k-k-k-killed and I hadn't apologize yet? Brad I couldn't handle the pain."

"Shh Mike. Everything is going to be alright. Just calm down for the minute okay? Try to breath. Come on. Let us breath together. In.... and.... out...."

We breathed some ventilations together and I saw that it was good for him, because he settled down a bit. I smiled light at him:

"Look. You were fighting for him. You defended him. You were getting a blue eye for him. I don't think he's mad at you. And I promise you that we'll find him."

"No Brad, I'm an idiot. And I ignored my best friend. Brad I'm a terrible person."

"You're not, Mike. Oh Mike, you are not. Never say that again, okay?"

He sniffled. I looked down searching for the right words. And then it all came into my head like a lightning. Pictures were presented in my sight. Pictures and memories. From good and bad times. I saw Chester sitting and crying, right next to him, Mike. I saw Chester laughing, right next to him, Mike. I saw Chester sitting in front of Mike and they were talking. I saw them both a lot. I saw their memories, our memories. Our rough times. With the band. Our beginning, our carrier, our downs and ups. It was like a little film. And in each part of the film there was Mike.

"Look what you did. You saved his life so many times. You helped him through everything. You are always here, when we needed you. Why could you say that you're a terrible person? You are not. You are a brave and open-minded young man with a heart, bigger than the world. You give the best advices and you have a voice like an angel. We all learned a lot from you. And especially Chester. You showed him how to live, you showed him that life is not just hate. You showed him so much Mike and everytime he believed you. You helped him through his addiction, his cutting and you were there for him when his heart was broken or he had a mentally breakdown. Maybe you don't want to believe me, Mike, but we all know that you are a good guy. So I promise you. We find Chester and then you can talk to him. And I guess, he'll forgive you, because you made his life, Mike. You made his life."

I lifted my head and looked into his brown eyes. Tears were already running down his cheecks.

"Mike. You're not a bad person."

All of sudden he hugged me and cried.

"Oh Brad", he cried.

"Shh. Mike everything is going to be alright. Trust me. We will find Chester."

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