He looked at August. "Hes a student not old enough"

Gabe sighed "when will he be 18?" 

"Not sure, we arent getting him in this." 

Gabe groaned "why noooottttt?" 

He pulled away. "Gabe really, hes not even legal and i know you are planing scenes in your mind to have him. Hes not yours" 

Gabe gently grabbed him again "Jake chill. You're never like that about anyone." 

He sighed. "I dont know, what's up. It's him."

Gabe kissed the side of his head "you know everything works out." 

"I said i would never mix teaching and porn, and he comes along and i did, i gave him rides i brought him here, i made deals with him."

Gabe shrugged "well I mean look at him. How could anyone not?"

"Stay away from him." he said. "I shouldnt have i have so much at stake."

Gabe rubbed his side "gosh, you're so serious right now and tense. And why did you tell him?"

"I dont know, he asked… he told me about his life." he looked at him. "He flirted"

Gabe sighed then whispered "aren't you not supposed to flirt with students?"

"Im not supposed to give rides have them at my house. Do any of this"

Gabe gave him a worried look 

He sighed and pulled away going to the kitchen. 

Gabe followed him 

He pulled out a drink "want one"

Gabe nodded "sure." 

He handed him one

August groaned starting to wake up. 

Gabe opened the can. 

Jake opened his own and looked over at Him. 

August sat up and yawned. 

Gabe looked over at August. 

Jake started back to him giving Gabe a back off look.

August looked at him then Gabe. 

Gabe jumped up and sat on the counter 

"August this Gabe, hes a friend of mine." he walked over to him. 

August nodded slowly "oh ok." 

He sat next to him. 

August shut his eyes and put his head on his shoulder. 

Gabe watched 

Jake let him and looked at him smiling a little

August stayed like that relaxing 

"Are you gonna stay here or go back to you place?" he asked. 

"How late is it?" He asked still groggy 

He looked over to Gabe. "What time is it?"

Gabe looked at his phone "almost 7." 

August sighed "yeah I should probably go home."

He nodded. "Ill take you"

August got up slowly stretching 

Jake stood up. 

August looked at Gabe "bye." 

Gabe just waved 

He lead him out. 

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