Chapter 22: The Greatest Defense Ever! Pulse Wyvern!

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~the ceremony was over and it was time to go home. Athena fell asleep as Adeona glowed in her hand~

~after a long helicopter ride home, Athena walked through Japan. As she walked, she finds a house that looked quite familiar, it was Wakiyas house~

Athena: Maybe Wakiya can train with me.

~she dashes inside and was in awe at the sight of the houses interior, she searches for Wakiya~

Athena: Oh Wakiya.. Come out come out wherever you are.

~she heads into Wakiyas training and she finds him there~

Athena: Wakiya Komurasaki!!!

Wakiya: Huh? Athena?

Athena: *absolutely shook* YOU KNOW MY NAME?!?

Wakiya: Yeah, we were both at the ceremony so of course I know your name. But anyway what are you doing here?

Athena: I came looking for a training partner.

Wakiya: Training partner eh, well you're in luck because I am also looking for a training partner.

Athena: Shall we get started? This is Guide Adeona!

Wakiya: Adeona huh? Thats cool and all but I think my bey is a lot better! This is Pulse Wyvern!

Athena: *thinks and goes analytical mode* so thats Wyvern! Its Pulse Ring and 3D Chassis have Free-Rotating pieces which makes it hard to land a solid attack and its Driver is made of metal, reducing friction... I can already tell this coconut isnt gonna be easy to break..

Athena: Ready when you are!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Wyvern gracefully took the center*

Wakiya: Now come!

Athena: Now go! Guiding Shoot!

*Adeona attacked and just as Athena predicted, Wyvern deflected the attack with its ring*

Wakiya: An Attack like that wont work on Wyvern..

Athena:  Kinda what I figured...

*Adeona throws all kinds of attacks at Wyvern but were all deflected*

Wakiya: Its over! Pulse Shield!

Athena: Guide Upper!!

*Adeona and Wyvern clash as gusty winds rip throughout the training room. One gust blows her dress skirt up. Blushing madly, Athena yelps and pushes it back down quickly*

Athena: Burst it Adeona!!!

*Adeona goes in at full power*

Athena: Adeona!!

Athena: Now burn! Flare!!

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Athena: Now burn! Flare!!

*Adeonas flare shined at maximum power, catching Wakiya off guard*

Wakiya: End this! Wyvern!

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