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Third Person's Pov


Zaine started screaming cursed words as thousands of fireballs launched at her. Still, she dodged each one of it. Next was a flash of lighting went past her but still dodged it effortlessly.

Lastly was a big ass sword swung her way as she stopped it with only her index finger.

"Oh! That was dangerous!" she exclaimed as Asta backs up holding his sword. "Wah! I remembered you~ you were that kid that doesn't have any magic~ but still you surely have that brute strength!" she beamed.

"Uh, captain? Is this the new member?" Magna asked his captain, Yami Sukehiro who seemed to not give a fuck and called Finral to warp him to the toilet, but before he left he sent a nod at Magna.

"ZAINE-SAANN!! HOW DID YOU BLOCK MY FULL SWING WITH JUST YOUR INDEX FINGER?!!" Asta yelled with stars in his eyes as Zaine sweat dropped at the volume of his voice.

This kid sure has a big mouth... My ear is gonna bleed!

"Oh uh, about that... I-"

"Zaine-san seems strong! I wanna challenge you to a fight!"

She was cut off by Luck speeding towards her but she sent him a deadly smile that made him stop in front of her before he could kick her face.

Magna saw this and gulped. He haven't seen Luck stop mid-air and had a change of face. Luck's face was in pure horror but his eyes had sparks on it. I don't know how to explain it so please bare with it.

"Zaine-san, how old are you?" Asta asked in a low voice.

"Before that, could you please introduce yourselves?" she smiled and tapped Luck on his shoulders so he could now lower his foot near her cheeks.

"I'm Magna Swing!"

"Luck Voltia!"

"The names Asta!"

"Finral Roulcase at your service m'lady~" Finral bowed like a prince and went on one knee before taking her hands and kissed the back of it.

"Such a flirt you are~" she sent him a smile that melted his kokoro and made it doki doki.

"The name's Gauche... If you dare touch Marie I will kill you!" he said and lifted a cute angel like doll up to her face before having a nose-bleed.

"Ara~ your nose is bleeding Gauche-kun. And don't worry, I won't touch Marie." she smiled that made Gauche nod and went to sit and fantasize about his fucking sister. Bitch I swear he has sister complex... Well, he does have.



"Soooo.. Where's cap'n by the way?" she asked and finral open a portal but not telling her where it'll lead her.

You see, they were testing her. If she can come back without a single scratch, then, she's officially in the gang. But even if she does have, she's still apart of the gang of course.

Zaine took a step inside the portal Finral created she immediately saw captain Yami who sat on a toilet and was reading a news paper.

"What the fuck. I knew long ago that your always in this fucking toilet." she said while covering her nose and was about to get out when she felt a sword thrown her way.

"Geez, what's your problem? I'm just headin out." she looked at him in the eye before walking out.

"That Finrall bastard. I'm gonna slice him!" he whispererd. Not to mention he was blushing too.

The almighty Yami Sukehiro was caught taking a shit and was blushing. No one has ever done that and made him blush.

Back to Zaine who was happily walking back to the group downstairs.
When she arrived she saw all of them looking at her dumbfounded.

"What?" she raised a brow before walking towards Charmy and ate some of her food. Even tho Zaine didn't ask for permission to take Charmy's food, she didn't mind.

While Zaine was eating, the member of the blackbull squad, except for Charmy, was having a wild thinking on how the fuck did she not get kicked or got shouted?

"He threw his sword at me that's all he did." she said to no on in particular. "Oh sorry, I can read your minds." she turned and smiled.

And there they all looked at her again, with they're jaws hangin.




"This'll be your room from now on. Beside your room is Noelle's and beside hers is Vanessa's." Magna said while pointing each of their rooms.

"Thanks Magna-san!" she said and opened her door after Magna left.

Plopping on her bed as she stared at the ceiling.

I'm just gonna sleep for a whole day. I'm very tired from all the missions Julius gave me.

Then she drifted to sleep. Little does she know she'll be more tired tomorrow.











I'm very sorry for the very very very late update >~<

For those who have waited this long I'm proud of ya'll!! And sorry for misspelling some words and for the grammatical error. Is that what you call it? Waaahh huhuhuhuhu. I dunno what else I shout say😭

By the way, for the who asked about me, I'm a she😊

Bye guys love ya'llzzz!!! ✨😘💕

For the next update, I think it'll be a long wait since I have no motivation to write black clover since it ended. But I'm reading the manga so maybe there'll be some spoilers for the upcoming chapters.

Thats all. Again, byeee😘✨✨

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