Chapter 21: Grand Event! Beyblade Ceremony!!

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~with 1 week until The Legend League, Athena was on a helicopter to America for a Beyblade Ceremony, with her was Aiga Akaba, Hikaru Asahi, Hyuga Asahi, Wakiya Komurasaki, Shu Kurenai, Xhakuenji Kaiza and Free Dela Hoya~ 

~in helicopter 2 was Valt Aoi, Rantaro Kiyama, Sisco Karlisle, Lui Shirosagijo, Drum Koryu, Delta Akane, Gwyn Ronny and Lane Valhalla~

~They arrive in America and everyone heads to the New York Bey Arena, there Announcer Hanami stood on stage~

Hanami: Ok all you bladers! Welcome to the New York Arena and we are finally announcing the block members and we finally have a brand new stadium which we will show at the end!

~the crowd cheered in excitement!~

Athena: *thinks* A new stadium?...

Hanami: Starting with Block A we have Aiga Akaba, Hyuga Asahi, Hikaru Asahi, Athena Valhalla, Xhakuenji Kaiza, Lui Shirosagi, Free De La Hoya and Sisco Karlisle!

*the 8 bladers appear on stage behind Hanami and wave at the cheering crowd*

Hanami: Block B contains Valt Aoi, Shu Kurenai, Rantaro Kiyama, Wakiya Komurasaki, Drum Koryu, Delta Akane, Gwyn Ronny and Lane Valhalla!

Hanami: And now, the moment we've all been waiting for, the WBBA's new stadium: The Double Storm Stadium!!

~the new stadium rose from the ground, it had an Upper Deck that led to 2 Speed Cradles and there were 2 plates in the middle of the stadium that spun in opposite directions~

Athena: No way... Thats a stadium?!

Hanami: And now, lets choose our bladers to demonstrate the stadium!!

~the chosen bladers were Athena and Gwyn~

Athena: So im up against him huh?

Gwyn: Her again..

~both bladers walk to the new stadium~

Gwyn: Never thought I'd battle you again so soon.

Athena: Yeah, its not going down like it did before.

*the stadium began to power up as the bladers took their positions*

Referee: Exibition Match! Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Adeona and Genesis land in the stadium, Adeona heads for the Plates*

Athena: Now go!!

*Adeona heads into the R Plate but gets blown out*

Athena: Dang it! Maybe the other one?

*Adeona heads into the L Plate and gains a huge speed boost*

Athena: So that's the one for right spin beys!

*Genesis hits the L Plate and accelerates* 

Gwyn: Genesis!!

Athena: Adeona!!!

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Athena: Adeona!!!

Gwyn: Utopia Blaster!!

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Gwyn: Utopia Blaster!!

Athena: Guiding Upper!!

*with no effort, Adeona is burst*

~Athena fell to her knees shocked, she felt so embarrassed after losing in front of thousands of people~

Referee: Utopia Genesis wins with a Burst Finish, Gwyn wins!

~Athena ran off stage almost in tears, in a hallway she finds Lane~

Athena: Lane...

Lane: What a absolute pathetic performance... To think that you actually qualified...

Athena: *sigh* if you came here to insult or abuse me again then go away... I am in no mood to be dealing with you right now!

~Athena walks past Lane and heads out into the streets of New York City, she walks along the sidewalk as she approaches her house. She pulls out her key and goes inside. She heads upstairs and entered her bedroom. She looks around and on her bedside table was a picture of her and Lane when they were younger~

Athena: If only Lane was as kind as he was back then...

~she holds the picture close to her chest as she cried softly~

~Meanwhile Lane was in a Bey Room in the Arena and was constructing his new Lucifer~

Lane: With the power of my Flare and the bit of Flare i stole from Athena, this Lucifer will be the strongest bey in existence!!

~Lane roared as the bone chilling sight of Lucifers avatar appeared behind him~


Next Chapter: The Greatest Defense Ever! Pulse Wyvern!

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