Chapter 19: Perfect Creation! Utopia Genesis!

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~Athena ran through Japan bursting with joy and confidence, then she bumps into Drum and Delta~

Drum: Oh? Whats up Athena?

Athena: Nothing much, you?

Drum: We're on our way to meet Gwyn!

Delta: You just spoiled everything...

Athena: Gwyn? Isnt he the one who uses Genesis?

Drum: Yep and he seriously is a strong blader!!

Athena: *super excited* Well what are we waiting for? LET'S GO!!!

Delta: Well actually, he's coming to us.

Athena: Awww..

~they waited and waited forever and finally Gwyn shows up~

Drum: *overheats* GWYYYYNNNN!!!!!

Gwyn: Drum? Delta?

Drum: Battle me!!!

Delta: Nope I'm first!!!

Athena: Don't forget about me!

Gwyn: *sighs* you know I have no problem battling you all at the same time.

Drum: Wait what?!

Delta: All of us?!

Athena: You're kidding!?

Gwyn: No, i have put a lot of time, research and math into creating this Utopia Genesis so i am confident it can beat you all at once!

Drum: "Research and Math"?! You never cease to confuse me!

Gwyn: *thinks* Drum, Delta... Losing to you was a wakeup call to change my ways and become stronger the correct way... I'll show the three of you the true power of Genesis..

Gwyn: Lets do this!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Genesis takes the center as Dragon, Diabolos and Adeona attack all at once*

Drum: Alright!!

Delta: its not over yet.

*Dragon and Diabolos form a pincer attack on Genesis*

Gwyn: That wont work!

*Adeona waited along the outer edge, waiting for an opening*

Athena: *thinks* i'll wait until there is an opening. If i attack recklessly then I'm screwed.. Genesis has a Power Core driver meaning it can increase its power, i have to strike soon otherwise Adeona wont have enough strength to counter that!

Drum: Go Dragon! Tempest Break!!!

Delta: Diabolos!! Death Upper!!!

Athena: Drum! Delta!! Wait!!! Don't attack!!!!!

Gwyn: Utopia Big Bang!!!

*it was too late, Genesis began to accelerate as Dragon and Diabolos crash into it, Genesis creates a huge explosion that bursted Dragon and Diabolos*

Drum: NOOOO!!!

Delta: Tch!...

Gwyn: Well that was fun!

*with an opening revealed, Adeona charges and hits Genesis out of the center*

Gwyn: What?!

Athena: You didn't forget about me now did ya?

*Adeona begins to push it back*

Athena: Keep going!!!

Gwyn: Genesis!!!

Gwyn: Utopia Blaster!!!

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Gwyn: Utopia Blaster!!!

*Genesis counters and bursts Adeona in one fell swoop*


Gwyn: That was fun you guys, but i need to be going now. See ya at The Legend League.

~later that evening, Athena was walking to Shu's apartment but on her way she was stopped by Lane~

Athena: Lane?!

Lane: Come with me.

~Lane led her to his abandoned factory, Lane stood in front of his stadium~

Athena: What do you want from me?

*Lane holds up his bey*

Athena: So you want to get your ass beat again... Fine with me..

Lane: You're the one getting your ass beat!

Athena: *smirks* Thats not a nice thing to say to a girl.

~their auras began to activate as they were about to launch~

Lane: I will absolutely destroy you!


Next Chapter: Fiery Light! Defeat Lane!

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