Chapter 18: Super Z X Sparking! Infinite Achilles!

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Aiga: You're Athena right?

Athena: Yeah, why?

Aiga: *Smiles* just wanted to meet you.. I brought us sandwiches.

Athena: *blushes some* T-Thank you!!!

~Aiga sits at a table with her and eats his sandwich, Athena looked sorta depressed as she stared down at her sandwich~

Aiga: Something wrong?

Athena: Well.... I feel so guilty...

Aiga: Guilty? About what?

Athena: Well i destroyed Valkyrie and i almost destroyed Dragon, in battle i become overwhelmed with a cold feeling and then I without realizing it just lose control! I just want to be free of this pain and never lose again!

Aiga: I see... I can understand that. Once I also used to be obsessed with winning and i completely lost myself! I destroyed Valts bey and yet he showed no resentment. I never understood why he didn't come out and get his revenge because I totally deserved it. Athena, whether you win or lose is irrelevant. As long as you have fun blading and get super fired up with the bonds that we share then thats all that matters!

Athena: Bonds?

Aiga: Yes, its the special connection between us and our beys.

Athena: *looks down at Adeona* Bonds?...

Aiga: *holds up Achilles* i want to know what your bond is like! Battle me!

Athena: Sure.. Let's go!

~they finish eating and headed to a stadium, Aiga swapped to the Infinite Shield as Athena changed to Angelic Adeona: Her left spin mode~

Aiga: Lets begin!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Achilles takes the center, Adeona launches its first attack*

Athena: Angelic Burst!!!

*the 6 blades grind against Achilles shield, but it did nothing*

Athena: Tch! Keep going!!

*Adeona launches a fierce barrage of attacks, none broke through Achilles defenses*

Aiga: Our turn! Infinite Guard!!

*the 4 shields glow and forms a barrier around Achilles, the godly defense sends Adeona flying out of the stadium*

Athena: Damn it!!!

*she picks up Adeona and is INSTANTLY transported into a purple dimension, there she sees Adeona for the first time in a very long time*

Athena: Adeona....

Adeona: Athena.. 

Athena: Adeona... Am i worthy of you?

Adeona: What? 

Athena: Am I worthy enough to wield your power? Do you think I should give up and quit the le-

*Adeona swings her sword straight at Athena, scaring her a bit*

Adeona: I won't allow it!!

Athena: W-what?!

Adeona: As your bey, i will not allow you to give up and you most certainly will not quit the league either!!

Athena: But why?! A weakling like me doesn't deserve your level of power..

Adeona: If I could give you a hug, i would. Because you sound like you need one..

Athena: Adeona..

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