Chapter 2

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Shanae P.O.V
Beeeeeep! Beeeeeep!

That was the sound of my alarm clock at 6:21am. My school doesn't start until 8:25am but it gets out kind of late. I got out of the bed and took a shower.
20 minutes later

I was out of the shower now and my curly hair was in a messy bun. My outfit for the day was a black and white short sleeve crop top, distressed high waist shorts, a long white button down hockey shirt(just because it matches) and Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue shoes. I must admit I was looking good!

"Zamnnn Zaddy!" I said in the mirror admiring myself. It was now 7:35am so I styled my still curly hair and ran out the door. I hoped in my 2015 Audi5. Yeah, I'm kind of spoiled.

Mercy P.O.V

My name is Mercy Johnson and I am 17 years old. I live in California and I go to Palm Canyon High School. You can call me one if the hottest niggas there. I was a little geeked for school because I started following this fine girl on Instagram yesterday. In her bio she said that she going to Palm Canyon High! She must be new so I'm going to fuck and duck. I put on this fly ass outfit and ate breakfast at home.

" Damn ma you threw down on this breakfast let me get some more bacon." I said smashing my face into the plate. " Boy if you cuss at me again that will be your last meal!" My mom is funny but she be tripping if I cuss when I'm talking to her. Any other time she don't even care that doesn't make since but whatever. I ran back into my room to grab my  gold iPhone 6 then went to get my keys. I got into the driver seat of my 2014 Infiniti. My parents get money but they ain't the richest people in the world. I make some of my money on the weekend. I don't tell people my job because they going to start tripping. It took me twenty minutes to get to school. I was walking into the doors when I heard a girl voice call my name.

" Hey Mercy!"

This chick name Sierra said to me. I messed with her for a little while it was nothing more than us sleeping together. She was looking good today she had on a half shirt with some black pants and pink timberland boots. She was thick but she was a hoe so I don't want to mess with her the long way.

" Hey Sierra." I said kind of uninterested.

" So you ain't gonna call me back after we had sex three days ago? I knew you was a player with your slow ass!" She was pissing me off, I was about to say something then I saw the girl from Instagram. I mean damn she was hella fine and she could dress like she was rolling big. My mouth dropped when she walk by I had to look at that ass sway with her shorts. Then I heard Sierra still yelling for no reason so I walked away. I was headed to the girl when somebody bumped me.


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