My Candy Hero!!

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Requested by @Whispers_of_the_Soul !
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You were working at Omoshiroi Sweets to help raise some money for university.

Jingle jingle!

"Thank you! Enjoy your sweets!"

As you sent off your last customer, you flipped the open sign to closed.

At this rate, I'm never going to have enough funds for M University!

You walked to the staff room and collected your things. Just as you were about to leave, you heard the door open.

You mental face palm. Shit! I forgot to close the door!

"Sorry, the store is already closed, but you can come back tomorrow at--"

You were cut off when you saw the same customer you saw a few minutes ago pointing a gun at you.

"Don't move and you won't get hurt! Now tell me where the goddamn cash is kept!"

You paused for a moment and backed away.

"I told you not to move!"


The man shoots you and the bullet hits your upper arm. You cringe from the pain. Suddenly, you hear the door slam open and you see a familiar face.

"Atsushi-kun!" You exclaim. You notice a dark aura around Murasakibara.

He looms over the man."Get out of my sight, bastard."

"Oh ye-" the man turns around and sees Murasakibara. And his aura. "AAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! SORRY SIR!!! I'LL SCRAM NOW!" Said the man as he runs out the door.

Murasakibara runs toward you. "(F/N)-chin!! Are you okay?! (F/N)-Chin!!"

"M-my arm!! I-it it hurts!!" You cover your bleeding arm with your hand.

"I'll bring you to the hospital, (F/N)-chin!" He picks you up bridal style and runs to the hospital.

At the hospital...

"Luckily (N)'s wounds weren't deep and the bullet missed some of her vital nerves. Overall, it is not a serious injury."

"Thank you, Mido-chin."

Midorima nods and leaves the room.

You bow respectfully. "Thanks for bringing me to the hospital, Atsushi."

"You're welcome, (F/N)-chin."

For a moment, there was an awkward silence until you spoke up, "So, Atsushi, what were you doing hanging around my sweets shop?" You asked.

"I wanted to have something sweet of course, so I went to the closest sweet shop, Omoshiroi Sweets."

You searched through your pocket and found a few hard candies. "Here you go, Atsushi!" You said as you handed him the sweets.

Murasakibara took the candies and hugged you. "Oh (F/N)-chin~ you're the best!"

A tint of red ran up your cheeks. "Y-yeah. You're welcome!"

"But, I want something better than candies." Said Murasakibara with a pout.

"Sorry, Atsushi. But those were the only sweets I had. Maybe I can get some for you tomorrow! What flavor do you wa--" you were cut off when Murasakibara kissed you.

Murasakibara smiled. "Nah, it's okay. I just received something sweeter than any candy."

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