My eyes fluttered as I felt the beautiful and soft silk I sat on. I knew I was not a human.. At school, people told me rumors that there were vampires.. Seriously? Am I going to believe something as foolish as that? What would my parents even think?Anyway, I complained about how my clothes were to uncomfortable and how I feel dirty to Adrian.

''Oh right, yeah. Oh and you'll have to see the king after, he will have a lot of questions to ask you. I'll call the maid for you and she's called Ruby. She's about your age and I think you'll feel comfortable talking to her,'' Adrian went on.

'' Can I ask you one question before you go? '' I said and Adrian nodded. '' Why am I here and what am I..?.

''Thats two questions. I'm afraid I can only answer one. You are a vampire.. and a very special one'' Adrian said as he left the door and shut it hard.

I couldn't believe it. Me a vampire? Again, what would my parents think and I wonder if they're worried. I knew walking by myself on the streets wasn't safe. Especially in a young age, 17. After a few moments of staring in the mirror and prodding myself making sure I wasn't dead, someone came in without knocking and stood there still.

''I'm expecting your Ruby? Next time knock on MY door'' I said harshly.

'' Technically, it's not your room is it? I'm not here to clean this room and polish your toes, so mind your manners, child,'' Ruby barked.

''Your acting as if your my mum. Gladly, your not. So if you dare talk to me like that you'll get a whip on your face and a spanking in the end. Fair enough? Good,'' I spat.

'' You think your tough dont you? Well your not the only one tough round here so let me tell you something. SHUT.UP,'' Ruby growled.

   I had no patience at all. The next thing you see me pinning her to the wall and trying to elbow here on the chest. She screamed and I growled which created a great comotion.

''Girls... GIRLS! Get off eachother. You too missy. Off! What are you both doing?'' said a person I clearly did not know.

'' Oh please dont exclude me, Liam! I wont do it again,'' she said patheticly.

'' Oh please, your not getting excluded in this academy'' Liam said.

''What? This is an Academy? I thought it was a castle aswell,'' I said as I folded my arms across my chest. ''That's what Aiden told me''.

''Oh right, I get what he means. This building is sperated, a castle and an academy. You my dear are royal. I can read you. Anyway, you have to get dressed, you have a meeting,'' Liam told me, his eyes full of lust.

''Yeah and I need my privacy so, goodbye,'' I said.

''Come on Rose, let's go,'' Liam said as they left the room.

I shut the door tight and locked it. A meeting? What do I know about a freakin MEETING??! I mean, I've seen the Prime Minister have meetings in the tellie. But me? Having a meeting? That certainly does not suit. Plus i'm not royalty and I dont get what these people think I am., what they even see in me.

I walked slowly to my (or shall I say 'Royal Property) make-up desk and sat down as I admired myself. I opened what looked like a draw, and found a ton of make-up in expensive brands. I would have thought that these would be Vampire brands, but guess what? It wasn't. I tried different lipstick colors on my wrist seeing which one would suit me best. Red or purple, I thought. I should do a red and purple, lip ombre! That would be purple. It would suit me with my blonde/platinum blonde hair  and would go fine with my skin tone. It's as if these, what they call 'Vampires' know what I wanted already. If they planned this attack.

I winged my liquid liner and made my eyes smokey. As I applied the Peach Kiss blush on my cheeks, I heard a knock on the door, a very light knock.

''Um, coming?'' I said as I went to the door and unlocked it.

A girl about, three years older then me stood they holding a bag. She looked rather shy.

''H-Hi, my name is Cheryl. I er, was orded from the king to give you this, from your e-er, parents,'' she said finally.

''Oh, um thanks. You dont have to be shy, I wont bite you. Although I dont clearly know who I am right now. Can I ask you a question,'' I said. Looking at her emerald eyes,  I could tell she was not a vampire. Her eyes were so beautiful. It was as green as a juciy apple. Normally people would have green eyes, but they would be a bit pale. Her eyes was bright and green.

''Um, sure. Go on,'' she said as her eyes dazzled in amazement.

''It's actually two questions. What is your name and is there such things like vampires,'' I said as I stared at her. Although here eyes were beautiful, she was not and I could tell that some part of her was ripped away from her. She seemed so sad.

''Um, yeah. There is such things as Vampires and my name is Emerald,'' she whispered.

''Ah, so that's why your eyes are so beautiful. Anyway, I gotta go and dress up for my meeting, Emerald,'' I said as she gave me the bag.

I went in my room and locked the room again. I went to the wadrobe (which I presume it's mine) and picked out something that would cover me, but show my elegent curves. I wore a black sleeve top but it stopped just above my belly button and I put a matching maxi skirt with lace on the bottom. I also paired it up with my burgendy,shiny heels and wore diamond studs.

I looked in the mirror.

''Perfect,'' I said as I went to spray myself with the Just Cavali perfume which was on my make-up desk.

Before I went, I saw a beatiful leather jacket waiting for me to put on. I grabbed it and rushed out of the door. Time for the meeting.

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