Before You Walk Out My Life

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I come home and the house is dark. There's a strange car parked outside and I look at it funny. I've never seen anything like it around here.

Shrugging off my thoughts, I hear a tv upstairs and sit my gym bag by the door. The kitchen light is on and food is on the stove. Chicken and Shrimp Alfredo. I smile to myself and fix me a bowl.

Heading upstairs, I had almost finished my bowl of pasta. This shit good as fuck. I hear Janelle squeal "Armani!" and she laughs a little. Guess I'll finally meet this Armani character.

I get thirsty and walk back downstairs to put my bowl in the sink. Walking toward the fridge, I notice an unopened bottle of Jack Daniel's sitting on the counter. I scrunch my eyebrows.

Janelle doesn't drink.

Maybe she got it for me.

I shrug and pop open the bottle. I lift it to my mouth and I hear a loud thud on the wall upstairs. I take a sip of the drink and sit it back down on the counter.

On my way to the stairs, another thud is heard. I walk to the door and it's cracked open.

Okay... So I'm guessing Armani isn't a female. I should've known that. Aint no way in the world two females can be around each other that much unless they gay.

I shake my head at how stupid I am.

There's nothing more hurtful than seeing the love of your life giving her body to another man. But I can't really be mad. Its not like I've been faithful either.

I open the door wider and step in just to watch.

Janelle looks at this man with so much love in her eyes. The way they're caressing each others bodies, you could tell they were in love.

I sigh quietly and watch as another man makes love to my woman.

"Armani." Janelles eyes never leaves his as she reaches up to touch his face. "I love you so much." He leans down and whisper something in her ear and she moans louder.

Another thud is heard as the headboard hits the wall again. "Oh my God." Janelle gasps loudly and clutches his body closer. "Not yet."

He flips her body over and starts thrusting inside of her, doggy style. Me and Armani make eye contact. He thrusts harder as Janelle screams out his name and a bunch of curse words. His eyes never leave mine as they both reach their climax.

It's like he's telling me that I'm missing out.

"Awww fuck." He closes his eyes and nuts all inside of her. "Oh my God." Janelle whispers and climbs on top of him, cuddling closely. He strokes her hair with his eyes closed.

"Not to alarm you, but Jacob's at the door."

Janelle sits up and looks at me. They look in her eyes isn't one of remorse, but one of relief. "Jacob, Armani. Armani, Jacob."

My feet shuffle across the floor as I go to shake this dudes hand. I said this already; I can't be mad. He's been doing what I should've been doing every since she's gotten out of the hospital. I commend him for that.

"Wassup man." I dap him up and sit on the edge of the bed.

"I uh.. I know this is awkward right now or whatever, but Jacob I'm sorry. Whenever you brought that female in my hospital room and fucked her, I was done with you emotionally. I'll always love you, but I'm not sure I can stay with you any longer."

I nod understanding. "I don't blame you. I was wrong. I apologize for any pain I've caused you."

She clears her throat and dismisses the subject. "Yeah.. So I'm going to be moving in with Armani soon."

I nod again and shrug, standing up. "Fine with me."

Armani looks at me for a moment and I decide to address him. "Thanks for doing what I should've been doing. She deserves better and i guess she's found it." He nods. "No prollem."

I walk toward the door. "I need y'all to get dressed and get up out my crib. I'll catch y'all later."

"No doubt." I leave the room and hear them talking.

"He was calm. Like he knew it was coming."

"He should've known. Fuck him as far as I'm concerned." Armani chuckles at Janelle's comment. "Well... Now I don't have to share you."

Janelle giggles and I hear the smacking of lips, as they kiss. I roll my eyes and head downstairs.

I'm actually surprised at how I reacted. I'm not as furious as I thought I would've been. I'm not mad. Just a little heart broken. Seeing someone I love having sex with someone else hurt me.

I guess I finally got what I deserved.

I hear shuffling as the two carry down all of Janelle's things. "Thanks Jacob. I'll see you around." Tears well up in my eyes as I realize how stupid I was. I nod my head and watch as the love of my life walks out of the door.

"I never meant to cause you no pain... I just wanna go back to being the same... I only wanna make things right before you walk out my life." -Monica

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