Since The Begining of Time

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The zombie apocalypse. Not the best thing that's happened to me. So far in the past 3 years, I've seen friends and loved ones die, I've seen them turn into zombies. And I'm in this alone. Just my sister and I trying to survive the next day. And today. Today is not a good day.

"Melissa! Where are you," I scream from the middle of the field. Zombie bodies around me, as I pant from being out of breath. "Mel!"
No answer. Tears began running down my face. "Stop toying with me!"

"WILLA!!!" I spun around quickly to see my sister running towards me with a hoard of zombies running behind her. My eyes widened as I began to run in the direction she was running. We ran hard, the zombies were faster than normal zombies and I was so exhausted from no having much food for the past three days. My legs shook with every step.
Suddenly a tripped taking a tumble to the ground. My head was rings when a quickly remember I was being chased and turned to see a zombie almost on top of me when suddenly a bang of a gun went off and the zombie fell to the ground. In shock I looked up to see a boy. He was around my age and had black hair with a sniper rifle slung over his shoulder. "Get up! Quick" he yelled, pulling me up.
No letting go of my hand he ran towards my sister yelling "go that way" as he swung his arm to a group of people shooting at the zombies. He ran with me in the opposite direction. "Where are we going!" I called, he looked back at me and looked behind us before facing forward again, "we can't get to them without running into the Zs. We'll have to go around"
We rounded the corner of an old barn and ran into the front doors. We shut them as fast as we could. I fell to the ground, exhausted from what just happened.
"Are you alright?" They boy asked, turning and falling to the ground in front of me to see if I wasn't bitten.
"YA I'm just really tired," I laughed, "thank you." I smiled at him. He smiled back not realizing he was blushing, "what's your name?" He asked curiously. "Willa. And my sisters name is Mel. What's about you?" I asked just as curious. He smiled again, "10 thousand."
I looked at him curious, "interesting name."
Suddenly a door opened near the back of the barn and an man waved us over. We ran over to him. He shushed us as we followed him back to the road where everyone else was. A woman was finishing bandaging up my sisters leg and we approached. "Thank you Warren," my sister said as she sits on the tail gate of a truck.
"It was my pleasure," she smiled then turned to me, "hi, I'm Warren" she smiled with her hand out. I shook it with a smile.
"I see you've already met 10k" she said as she gestured towards him. I looked over and smiled at him with a nod. He nodded back.
"Hi I'm Addy, and this is Mack" a girl with red hair said as she shook my hand and pointing to a guy with blonde hair, "that's Cassandra, Doc, and in the truck there is Murphy."
"Can we be leaving now," the man in the truck yelled out the window. "He seems to be in a rush" I said as I turned back to Warren. She laughed awkwardly, "we are on a mission to deliver him to California to a lab. He is the only known survivor of a zombie bite. He was given the vaccine."
My eyes widened as she told me this. An actual survivor of a zombie bite? That's good news. For the people who are still alive atleast.
"You're welcome to join," 10k said quietly. I blushed at him and smiled.
So this is different than the other fan fiction I normally write (one direction) but I have recently become obsessed with the show Z Nation and I just had to do a 10k fanfic because I love him :D
Hope you guys enjoy.

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