Chapter 4

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Clarke's POV

I feel a hand touch my shoulder and realize I'm still sitting against his note, on the floor of the Ark. I don't know how long I've been sitting here but I know that I can't sit here any-longer. I wipe my eyes with the sleeves of my shirt and turn to look at the person who has touched me, it's Bellamy.

"You okay?" He asks helping me to a standing position, I can see that he is also affected by this note Finn left, his eyes dark and his stature is slouching a bit. I nod and turn back to Raven who is lying on her back, tears streaming down either side of her face, staring at the ceiling. I walk over to her and her gaze shifts to me, I give her a small smile and she sits up,

"Clarke, we can't just sit here and do nothing." She calmly addresses me. I put an arm around her shoulders and her head lays down onto my shoulder,

"I know." I squeeze her shoulders. "His story will not end here, I promise you that." I stand up again and help her up after.

Raven and I exit The Ark and we walk pass my mother, who is still on watch, heading in the direction of "the supply room" as we call it and she grabs my arm,

"What's wrong Clarke? I can tell that something is not okay."

"I'm fine. I need to go now though mom so," I try to push past her but she won't move, "Please move." She hardens her look and plants her feet firmly on the ground. "I'm serious Mom! You need to get out of my way now!" I start to get panicked thinking that every moment we aren't searching is another moment the Grounders could be looking for him. I use all my force and push passed her.

"Clarke! Stop!" I hear her yell to me but I don't stop. I pick up speed a little and jog to Mecca station, gathering little bits of food, blankets, water canteens and a tent. I stuff all the supplies into one of the makeshift backpacks, slinging it over my shoulder and walking off to find the others.

I see them over by the fence, the same spot in the fence from where we snuck out the first time, I toss Bellamy the bag so he can carry it and he hands me a roughly drawn out map.

"Where to first Princess?" He ducks under the now electric-free fence as Raven, and I follow. I look at the map and try to get inside Finns brain,

Where would he go? I think to myself, The dropship? No, the grounders know about that, he's not that eager to die. I wrack my brain for another moment before it hits me, The art supply store!

"Follow me, I think I know where he is." I push past Bellamy and we slink back into the treecover. We are going to find him, and when we do, I will finally tell him how I feel.

Things are getting intense, will they find Finn? Will Clarke tell him how she feels? Thank you for over 250 reads! It means a lot!! Like/comment/follow
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