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"Hey, you! Yeah you! I need some help. I have no idea who I should go with at all. I need to go home but I have no idea where home is? Is home with the guy that I love and met about a year ago? Or is home with the guy that got me pregnant at age thirteen that I might still love? Can you figure out my fate? Let me tell you what happen about a year ago to help you with the problem. My future is in your hands.

-Angelica Price

"Lets go, Veronica!" I said. My best friend, Veronica, and I were going shopping at the Outlet Mall for fun. "I just can't leave this rare gold lining Louis voutone purse!" Veronica pleaded. "Girl, we can get that purse another time." I said. "Let's go to Nike. I need new gym shoes for running." "No, not yet we need to go to Aéropostale. My jackets are worn down, my shirts are too small, my pants are too wide, and… I need more panties, Angel." she said. My name is Angelica but my friends call me Angel. Veronica and I are one of the most popular and richest teenagers in the upper-east side. "Sure, but after Aéropostale, we go to Nike. Okay?" I said. "Okay, Okay" said Veronica. We went to Aéropostale then went straight to Nike.

"Veronica, should I get the gel padding or the regular padding? I asked. "Girl, with all the running you be doing on the weekends, you are going to need the gel padding." she stated. "Thanks. OH, look at those and these. You know, Veronica it's pointless if I should get one pair of Nikes. I think I should at least get those and these and also those and maybe these too. We got enough money. We're loaded. Come on." I said.

Hoped you liked the first chapter. It might be a little boring,but the second one is awesome. I get to meet HIM!

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