same plane!

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"Hey girls do yall see those boys?"Ash said

"Yeah.It looks like their coming toward us."Said Raven

"THEY ARE!!!"I whispered loudly

"Act like were talking!"Ash said

So we turned to start ✌Talking✌

"Um...excuse me do you know where trmanal 28 is?"The guy in the middle said

"Um yeah right here. Are yall going to La. ,Too?"I said trying not to blush

Trmanal 28 is now boarding I repeat tremnal 28 is now boarding

Me,Rav and Ash stood up

"So what seat are you sitting in?"Rav asked the guy to the right

"Oh um 4 -b." the guy to the right smiled "we actually sit all together in 4 "

"Hi."Said Ash "My name is Ashley.Whats yours?"

"David."he shook Ash's hand

"Hi I'm Raven and your...?"Rav said

"Jack."he said smiling

"I am Melody."I couldn't help myself. I started to blush.

"I am Bryan."he said

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