The Final Results

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Dear All,

The Fiction Awards 2020 are now over and the results out.

Thank you for taking part, and congratulations to all the winners. There were a record 7 million votes cast this year!

REMINDER: the number of votes received on the voting page is not the only factor used to declare the top three (although it plays the biggest role!). There is an algorithm used to balance the playing field.

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The Results

All books listed below are winners. (They are in no particular order.)

Best Protagonist

Liam, Redemption by Queen_Of_Desires

Lilly, Storm and Silence by RobThier

Vienna, Secrets of the Silver Fox by lonediva

Best Antagonist

Ella, Life in Hiding by Honey_Money_

Jung, Yakuza by QueenLeeXD

Vicky, Cara by AliciaMarino

Best Supporting Character

Brad, Redemption by Queen_Of_Desires

Matilda, The Moonlight Boy by angelapoppe

Belvina, A Lie in Church by xona2o18

Best Friendship Arc

Blake and Juliet, Someone Like Juliet by crystally_rain

Alexa and Chloe, Redemption by Queen_Of_Desires

Selena and Juliet, The Scent and The Shadow
by bellethewinebae

Best Romantic Arc 

Rogan and Bella, How to Kill a Vampire by MichelleManisha

Riccardo and Juliette, The Scent and the Shadow by bellethewinebae

Amber and Xavier, Three Gangs and a Silver Sin by HollyShmit

Best Foreign Language Story

Until the Spring Comes Again by YOU_I_97

Luna Pilna by lala_stories

My Bodyguard by IzyBTS

Best Plot

Down Hell by EmptyHopes_

Between The Lines by DarlaCassic

Redemption by Queen_Of_Desires

Best Plot Twist

The Broken Photo Frame by loveisasweetpoison

Russian Gambit  by The_Mafia_Gal

The Scent and Shadow by bellethewinebae

Award for Diverse Fiction

In the End by Honey_Money_

Paralyzed Love by softyhartz

Malicious by Andiblackbird

Award for Emerging Talent

The Revival by SoulFromTheNinetees

Bring Her Home by lune-chatoyer

The Goal by raeesahambarker

That's it! Congratulations all. 

We will be contacting winners with their stickers in due course.

If you have any questions, please first check our FAQs. If your query is not answered there, then please contact us via DM.

- The Team

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