Chapter 15: Tag Team! Athena And Shu Vs Drum And Delta!

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~Athena later woke up and walked through Japan, completely unaware of the power she just unleashed. She ever so often felt surges of pain course through her~

~Meanwhile at the abandoned factory, Lane slams Lucifer into a wall. The impact causes his hand to bleed~


*Lane was pulled into a black dimension, there he sees the incredible sight that was his beys avatar: Lucifer*

Lane: Lucifer...

*Lucifer said nothing but extended out its hand, Lane goes forward and touches its claw like finger*

Lucifer: You made the right choice...

~Lucifers soul merges with Lane, Lanes face tattoos glow, parts of his hair turn blue. The deed was done, Lucifer had completely possessed Lane.~

Lucifer: Your soul is mine!

~the dimension disappears and Lane opened his eyes, Harry looks over and squeals. The very presence of the possessed Lane was terrifying him. A wicked smile flew across Lanes face~

~Meanwhile Athena and Shu met up with Drum and Delta in a un-disclosed location, a stadium was there~

Shu: We're ready.

*all bladers take their positions, Athenas eyes glow an evil aura*

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*all beys land in the stadium, Adeona and Spriggan spin side-by-side*

Shu: I'll take care of Diabolos. You go after Drum.

*Spriggan takes off and clashes with Diabolos*

Delta: *Smiles* bring it on! Death Upper!!

Shu: World Spin!

*Spriggan deflects the attacks, Diabolos comes back for another attack*

Delta: Again!

Shu: World Counter Break!!

*in one fell swoop, Spriggan blows Diabolos out of the stadium*

Delta: N-no way!

*Adeona and Dragon were locked in a fierce clash, Dragon had already entered its awakened mode*

Drum: This battle is over! Take it down!

*a painful surge of pain rips through Athenas chest! Then Athenas darkness bursts out, fully consuming her*

Shu: Athena... No...

Demon Athena: Alright Adeona! Break Dragon Into Pieces!

*Adeona forces Dragon into the wall and fires a deadly barrage of attacks*

Drum: Hang in there Dragon!

*Athena laughs like a maniac as her onslaught continues*

Demon Athena: Break!

*Adeona kills Dragons stamina, Adeona comes back around to finish it off*


*Adeona charges toward Dragon but Spriggan blocks her*

Demon Athena: What?!?!

*Dragon stopped spinning*

Shu: Thats enough Athena.

Athena: *returning to normal* why did you stop me?!

Shu: You didnt need to go that far.

Athena: And you didn't need to interfere! How about you stay out of my way next time!!

*Athena left as Shu watches with a concerned face*

~The next day, Athena ran on a treadmill in her new training clothes, when she finished a legend blader entered the training room. Athenas eyes widened. It was Lui Shirosagijo!~

Lui: Found you at last... Athena Valhalla!

Athena: Lui?!

*Lui smiles as the fire that was his hair began to burn*


Next Chapter: Dragon Of Chaos! Rage Longinus!

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