Chapter 14: Serious Duo! Dragon And Diabolos!

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~Athena and Delta walk through Japan, Athena stayed close to him~

Delta: So tell me, why were you all alone?

Athena: *flustered* I-i-it's nothing!

Delta: Are you sure? Your face is red, you didn't catch a cold did you?

Athena: Really im fine... Its just that I worry that my brother will hurt himself, his power grows by the day and he is being destroyed by it. I beat him in battle but it didn't seem to work and I just don't know what to do anymore...

Delta: He definitely sounds like he is being dominated by his own bey, i should know, I have experienced this...

Athena: You have?

Delta: Yeah, back then i only ever cared about consuming the power of others and my bey Diabolos took control of me... however I had friends that supported me even in my darkest hour, i soon realized that blading is just about having fun and i fully understood that during the battle with HELL. Im lucky to have people like Drum, Amane and Valt as my friends.

*Delta holds up his bey, Death Diabolos*

Delta: This is Death Diabolos.

*Athenas eyes sparkle as she stared in awe at Deltas bey*

Athena: This is Guide Adeona!

*the 2 find a stadium and prepare to launch*

Delta: *thinks* This girl rose to the Top 10 in the rankings so she has to be pretty strong... The fierce look in her eyes tells me she has definitely seen a lot of fights.

Athena: *thinks* im about to battle one of the bladers who defeated HELL.. I can't lose and embarrass myself in front of someone that strong...

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Diabolos and Adeona land in the stadium*

Athena: Now! Guiding Upper!!!

Delta: Do It! Death Shoot!

*Diabolos dodges the attacks and returns for its attack*

Athena: Oh no!!!

Delta: Death Upper!!!

*Diabolos knocks Adeona into the air, bursting it*

Athena: *sighs* figures....



*Drum Koryu came stampeding into GT Arena*

Delta: Oh good lord-

Drum: *red as a freaking tomato* Delta! Battle Me!

Delta: *shudders* you are way too close!!! 

*Athena just watches, too fascinated to even speak*

~a few minutes later when Drum finally cooled his jets~

Delta: Athena this is my partner in life and crime, Drum Koryu.

Drum: Yo.

Athena: Its nice to meet you.. Drum...

Drum: *holds up Tempest Dragon* lets have ourselves a serious battle.

Athena: If you insist.

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Dragon and Adeona land in the stadium*

Drum: Show them what's what! Go Dragon!

Athena: Full power! Adeona!

*Adeona and Dragon clash, Adeona was blown into the air*

Drum: Now go!!! Bound Wing!!

*Dragon and Adeona get blown back, Dragon collides into the wall, entering its awakened mode*

~Athenas eye twitches as she clutches her chest. She began to feel surges of pain shoot throughout her body. Then she shrieks as a jet black aura rose from her!! Adeona was engulfed with an evil aura.~

Drum: H-hey?!

Demon Athena: RIP IT TO SHREDS!!!

*Adeona unleashes an devastating attack, blowing Dragon away*

Delta: *thinks* so that expression was actually the look of a demon girl who was just waiting to burst...

Athena: Break It! Guide Slash!!

Drum: Put an end to this Dragon!!

Drum: Alright! Time To Get Serious!!! Tempest Break!

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Drum: Alright! Time To Get Serious!!! Tempest Break!

*Dragon bursts Adeona in one fell swoop*

~Athenas black aura fades as her body returns to normal, then she falls to the floor and faints.~


Next Chapter: Tag Team! Athena And Shu Vs Drum And Delta!

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