why'd you stop smiling

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(george has a crush on clay and clay rejects george and george ends up killing himself)

*george's pov*


clay was all i could think about. 

i had feeling for my bestfriend no i loved him and i was gonna tell him today.

i hopped on discord and started calling dream 

george:hey dream 

dream:hey georgie 

george:can we talk...

dream:yeah always whats up?

george:i...i like you i dont know why or when it happened but it did and its been eating me alive.

dream:george- i..i dont feel the same but im sure youll get over it:) we are best friends i just dont like you like that im sorry i gotta go tho thanks for telling me i hope you move past it<3

george:yeah i will its stupid anyways bye dream. 

*still georges pov btw*

my heart broke after that call i mean he always flirted with me i kinda thought he- no he dosen't your not good enough for him hes only your friend and that's all he'll ever be.

time skip to weeks later dream and george and sapnap are all streaming 

*sapnap's pov*

george has been acting weird lately he hasn't talked much and i checked his stream and he wasn't smiling like usual he wasn't even laughing he looked blank like he was dead almost.

*george's pov*

i cried so much these past weeks there's no tears left to cry anymore i felt blank i didn't care anymore i didn't laugh anymore i didn't smile i didn't talk and everyone saw it but i didn't care i didnt feel anything. and with that dream started reading his dono's

dream reading a dono:why dosen't george smile anymore or anything for that matter he looks blank faced 

sapnap:im sure he does hes just tired right george 


*3rd person pov*

but george wasn't there he had left and ended his stream he was now staring at a wall cutting himself he didn't care he didn't even feel it today he was gonna end his life he didn't have anything to live for he was done  he started sending goodbye texts to all his friends family and clay. 

*clay's pov* 

i had gotten a text from george i was still streaming and he left without a word he was prolly tired so i didnt text him i read it and my heart snapped 

george:goodbye clay it was one hell of a ride i love you sometimes i wished you had loved me back but its ok. i love you ill see you in whatever is after this life. 

dream:george what the hell?? 

[no reply]

all of his friends and family had gotten a goodbye text and george was dead by the time anyone got to his apartment. 


ayo first one shot done sorry this was so sad and bad i had this idea while talking to my friend 

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