george moves on

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(george tells clay his feelings and clay rejects and drops him george is so broken he tries to kill himself only to be saved by a man he soon falls in love with and george moves on)

(it starts after clay/dream rejects george)

*george's pov*

clay rejected me i knew he would but had to give it a chance he dropped me after saying it was disgusting for me to think of him like that. 


i cut so much my arms are filled i loved him and he left me without a care in the world he told sapnap and he left too i'm alone just me and my thoughts....


i'm on top of a building ready to jump when a man stops me he hugs me and says he'll never leave me i believe him.

*time skip to years later*

I now am married to my wonderful boyfriend cam he found me that night he was going to do it too but he saw me we became eachothers saviors. clay and nick have both tried to say sorry even clay said he loved me the whole time but i have cam he's never left me i moved on and im happy without them.


ayo second story done sorry both have been sad but this one ended happy pog 

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