~Chapter 2~

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The next day Marinette was awoken by her blaring alarm. She grumbled a "shut up" in irritation, and started hitting her phone with her hand, trying to silence it.

When she had finally succeeded, she let out a sigh and ignored the temptation to go back to sleep. She couldn't afford to be late for school again.

She hopped down to the floor and then saw the blankets she had attached to her bed last night. Suddenly all the memories came flooding back. Chat Noir had stayed in her room for the night.

The aspiring designer then realized that the blankets were rolled up and that the place under was empty apart from her chaise.

Chat Noir had to leave early. Right.

He must have rolled up the blankets to indicate that she was free to get her stuff there. How thoughtful.

She then apologized to Tikki, for the Kwami having to hide. She said she was used to it, and not to worry. She also was happy that she could talk to Plagg again, the cat kwami. After Tikki had hugged her cheek, like they always did, Marinette quickly got dressed and packed her bag. While she was doing so, her eyes fell on the duffel bag of Chat. It was stuffed, and she then thought: How long was he planning to stay away from home?

She shook the thought out of her head and glanced at her phone to check the time. She only had 5 minutes left, she was going to be late!

She ran downstairs and quickly grabbed an apple before yelling goodbye to her parents.

While munching on her apple, she ran to school.

But when she entered the classroom, it was chaos. Chloe was sobbing, and everyone else also looked sad. She headed towards Alya, who was talking to Nino. They both had a worried expression on their face. What was going on?

"Hey, girl," Alya said when she spotted her, a sad smile displayed on her face.

"What's going on?" Marinette asked, gesturing to the whole class.

Alya sighed and put her hands on her shoulders. "Don't freak out. Everything is going to be fine, okay?"

This confused Marinette even more. "Okay?"

"Adrien has gone missing."

Marinette let out a small gasp. "What?" She said softly. "He's missing...?"

Alya simply nodded.

Marinette threw her hands in her hair. "But why would Adrien want to run away? It's nothing like him. He must have been kidnapped or something! That's the only explanation there is or there's an Akuma! What are we going to do!" The bluenette rambled.

Alya pulled her in a hug. "Calm down, girl. Like I already told you, everything is going to be fine. Adrien will be fine. Nino and Chloe are now trying to convince Miss Bustier to let us leave, and search for him."

A search party. That wasn't the worst idea. "Okay." She let a sigh out in relief. "We will find him. We have to."

Miss Bustier then clapped in her hands, asking for the students' attention. "As you all know, Adrien has gone missing, and since you all are so worried, I have decided to allow you to look for him with the other people of Paris. So the whole class is dismissed for today."

The class's aura immediately calmed and everyone left the classroom, ready to look for their beloved classmate.

Marinette thought for a moment. It would be more effective for her to look as Ladybug than as her civilian self. So she made up an excuse.

Alya, who had been waiting for her to follow her outside, looked at her with a confused expression. "Girl, you coming?"

"Actually, I will meet you later, I'm going to ask my parents to help look." She quickly said.

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