Chapter two.

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Second Person pov

The two of you slept peacefully through the night. It appears that you were finally at peace with Adora around, holding a true friendship that you've never had. Adora slept there facing you, often making little sounds in her sleep. You were also sleeping but would often wake up when hearing one of her sounds. You also move a lot in your sleep, causing some blanket tugging wars. The wind outside the castle was very light, yet could still be heard slightly. It was a peaceful type of wind. The sky was filled with a black tint, leaving everything pretty dark of course. 

Adora's pov

I guess I forgot where I was, that was until I feel a pair of feet full force pushing me off the bed.

"Waah-" I yelled before hitting the floor, I continued to just lay here in shock. I stared up at the ceiling, pondering about what just really happened. Then a face appeared above me, with a worried look, it was Y/N. I felt my heart almost drop, she kind of scared me. 

Her hair was a little messy, and some strands covered her face. She has red, sleepy eyes, looking pretty tired too. "Are you okay?" Y/n asked, standing up and putting up her hand. I nodded, grabbing it. With her help, I got back onto my feet. 

"So what happened there?" She asked sitting down on the bed, so...she doesn't notice that she did that? "Oh it was nothing, just a little shove" I replied laying back down and pulling the blankets onto me. I saw Y/N shrug her shoulders and also lay down. 

First Person pov

so...I guess I did that one, heh. I really didn't mean to, and I do feel somewhat bad, even though it was a little funny. Adora was now back in bed with her eyes closed, most likely falling back to sleep. I couldn't help myself so I took the strand of hair that was in her face, gently tucking it behind her ear. Her tired eyes opened, as she gave a small smile. "S-sorry!" I whispered before turning over and also going back to bed. 

Morning soon came around, and of course, Glimmer had to burst into my room to wake me up. "Y/N wake up-" She called out, noticing Adora right beside me. I opened my eyes slightly, just enough to see her. She bent down to my level, kneeling onto the ground. "What is she doing here?" Glimmer asked, I somewhat forgot that Adora was sleeping right beside me. 

"Oh yeah, about that...Adora doesn't like sleeping alone yet" I replied in a tired deeper voice, very raspily. "WHAT? Who said my name?" Adora yelled while jumping out of the bed, almost giving Glimmer and Me a heart attack. I shook my head slightly, laughing a little. Glimmer just looked disappointed. Adora quickly calmed down, sitting at the end of the bed. 

We all separated, woke up, and got ready for the small meeting like gathering with the queen. I didn't really want to attend this, but I guess I don't have much of a choice either. I wore whatever that my heart desired and just headed out.

When I arrived everyone was already sitting and looked to be waiting...for me. I felt a bit embarrassed but continued to walk and find my seat. Again, I didn't really want to be here, so I just continued to allow myself to blank out and stare at whatever. I heard a small amount of talking from those around me but didn't bother to pay much attention. Well, not until I heard Adora talking. I finally snap back into it, not like I knew what was going on. 

"Very well, you will deliver food and supplies to Plumeria" the queen orders before everyone stands up. Great, another adventure that I can't say I'm looking forward to. The 4 of us headed out on foot. 

We reached Plumeria not long after, the plants were all dead or dying, which we knew nothing about. It was just Bow, Glimmer, and I, Adora was off doing whatever she was doing. Glimmer and Bow we talking about the dying plants, inspecting what was going on together. 

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