Lindsey Point of View
I walked inside the house to see the cutest thing I've ever seen. Jon laying on top of Emile, a smile on his face.
"Oh my fucking God you guys just need to start dating For real!" I screamed waking them both up. They looked at me, then at each other, then back at me. Then they did the one thing I didn't think they would do. They kissed. Thats where I fell on the floor and started Fangirling (it almost corrected to Fingering omg) like mad. They both got up and went over to me.
"I-is she Okay?" Jon asked concern on his face.
"Yeah. She's Fangirling. She'll be fine in about a minute." Emile reassured him, laughing.
I watched through the window as Lindsey Fell on the floor. She doesn't deserve to be living with a gay couple (Hey I take offense to that Person who I'm not gonna reveal) Or with anyone but me. I will get her back. No matter what happened to her or the gay people!

More Mystery people! I like doing that. it's fun. My mom threw out the code thing for my sims so I can't FLUCKING play it. thanks mom.
Anyways Next time. Mystery.

Byeeeeee kittens

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