The Colors Within

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As the waves role by
High to low,
I'm kept busy,
Yet I think of her,

I think of the sea,
Such brilliant colors show,
Such dark depths below,
How she shows her depths to me,

She fears herself,
Because of the pressure,
That the depths hold,
Waiting for a diver,

She shows her sharks,
Their rows of teeth,
to stop the diver,
From diving in,

Yet the diver sees something,
He sees a pearl,
He knows there's something,
Beneath the depths,

So he dives,
Past the Sharks,
Into the pressure,
To find the colors,
Within this girl,

He hopes to find,
The place to stay,
The shore within,
Where she lays,
Within the colors,
Hidden away,

As he dives,
she wonders why,
Why he did not hate,
The depths she showed,
And went on his marry way,

As he dives,
He wonders what,
What she thinks him,
And if she's willing to show,
Her colors for him.

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