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Pen Your Pride

Disguised as a girl

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My mother divorced my father because he beat her. He was rich, though,

and got custody of me. My mother refused to turn me over, contending

he beat me too. This simply wasn't true, but I guess Mom didn't want

to give the bastard any satisfaction and I felt too sorry for her to

tell anyone the truth.

My mother hid me at one of her childhood friend's houses in Texas. The

judge put Mom in jail until she revealed my whereabouts while my father

hired a Private Investigator to find me.

I called the woman I stayed with "Aunt" Helen although she wasn't

really a relation. She, too, was divorced with a daughter named Tracy.

Aunt Helen now hated all men and lectured me incessantly on how I had

to be faithful to my mother and not contact my father under any


On fateful night as we watched TV my whereabouts, which had enjoyed

some brief national attention, became news again. The announcer read a

report that my father had contracted even more PIs and would begin

contacting all of my mother's known acquaintances.

My Aunt watched the conclusion of the piece and turned to me. "John,"

she said quietly, "I knew the time would come when they would search

for you here. I have a plan, but I need your complete cooperation.

Will you help your mother and me?"

This was quite a lot of pressure to put on a thirteen year old. My

mind in a frenzy, I simply nodded.

"Thank you, John. As you know, some bad people will stop here soon

looking for a young boy, but they won't find one. Do you know why?"

I shook my head.

"They won't find a young boy because you will be turned into a young

girl! Tracy and I will transform you into such a convincing vision of

femininity that no one will ever guess you were once a boy. Right


"Oh, Mom, what a great idea! John will make a foxy girl. He can

probably wear most of my things and his face is almost too pretty for a

boy already. Let's start right now. What do you suggest, Mom, skirt

or slacks?"

"Since we want to prevent him from being identified as a boy, we'll

need to go overboard on making sure everything about him just screams

'female'. That means no pants at any time and lots of girlish touches

even in his most casual moments. We have to go overboard on lace,

lingerie, heels, makeup, the works."

I forget most of the details of that evening except that I went to bed

wearing one of Tracy's nighties. My hair had been subjected to

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