The 3 R words

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Hello, Earth lovers!

For this first chapter of our "How To Save The Planet" guide, we decided to write about the 3 R words.

Which are? Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

But what they mean into the SaveTheEnvironment glossary?


Reduce is one of the first steps of an ecological life. If you reduce the amount of waste you produce, you can help the planet a lot. If you reduce the amount of waste, you reduce the CO2 emissions created to eliminate them. You reduce the amount of waste that reaches the most remote corners of our planet. How many times have you used a sheet of A4 paper to write only two lines and then throw it away? If we learn how to do this, we can save oceans, forests and the entire planet.

Amazing, right? But how can you reduce the amount of waste?

The first goal to reach is to buy only the necessary.

Oh, but I need my fifty calendars and my hundred washi tape.

Really? Are you sure you need those?


When you have just what you need, the second step to follow is reuse.

How many times, mainly out of laziness, have you used disposable tableware? And how many times have you bought disposable bags and then throw them away a few minutes later? For many of these things, there are reusable substitutes. If you're not ready to search for this, you can start reusing the disposable objects you have accumulated until now.

Ok, but sooner or later they end.

Of course, they run out, and in that case, you can arm yourself with reusable water bottles, cotton shopper and vegetable bags. When we think that something does not exist in a reusable version, probably we are wrong.


Ok, but I really need to buy this.

Great. You reduced, you reused, and now it's time to recycle! The important thing is to follow the recycling policy in your country. A lot of things today are recyclable.

We do not have a recycling policy here, yet.

No problem. Check online if there are some in nearby towns. Otherwise, focus on the previous points while waiting to be able to follow this point as well.

If you reduce and reuse properly, you have very little left to recycle.


But now tell us about yourself. Did you already follow the 3 R's rule or were you unaware of it? What would you like to read in the next chapter?

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