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Save The World, Baby (Greta Thunberg x Reader) by horsegorlreborn
Save The World, Baby (Greta horsegorlreborn
you're the 'misunderstood' bad girl, and you just had your heart broken by the girl you never thought could do it. nobody is coming to fix you, because all you've ever d...
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We take the fight to them! (Optimus love story) Book 3 (Discontinued) by Lunamoon172
We take the fight to them! ( мσσиℓιgнт172
Normal life wasn't for you, so you went back to work for NEST. Things died down with the Decepticons, but you cant shack the feeling something bad is going to happen. Wh...
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The Lost Marauder  by oliverfred897
The Lost Marauder by oliverfred897
Let's go back, before Harry Potter defeated Lord Voldemort. Before the Lily and James Potter were so brutally murdered. Before Hermione Granger had her heart broken. Now...
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Plenty of Plastic #PlanetOrPlastic by AbstrusBooks
Plenty of Plastic #PlanetOrPlasticby Katya
Hello everybody! This is my entry for National Geographics writing contest: Planet or Plastic. The contest focusses on the devastating impact of single-use plastics - a...
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The planet awards 2019 (closed) by theclimatecommunity
The planet awards 2019 (closed)by climatecommunity🌎💚
Open ❌ Judging ✔️ Closed ✔️ ALL GENRES WELCOME An award dedicated to raising environmental awareness! Keep loving planet earth! 🌎💚
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SAVE THE AMAZON by RogueAngelll
SAVE THE AMAZONby RogueAngelll
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My Dearest Pawikan #PlanetOrPlastic by KuyaRonnieTagumpay
My Dearest Pawikan #PlanetOrPlasticby KuyaRonnieTagumpay
"One little way means a lot for an ocean of change." My second Entry for National Geographic Writing Contest #PlanetOrPlastic WORD COUNT: 494 RANKING PERFORMAN...
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DRY by horrorstorywriter97
DRYby Sig.Fd
What will happen if we continue to poison our waters? Find out here.
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How To Help Save The Planet by AnnaLin17
How To Help Save The Planetby Anna Lin
Animals, the climate, rainforests & the ocean need your help. Read this book in order to learn what you can do to help save the planet! The planet is in danger because o...
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There's Something in the Water #PlanetOrPlastic by horrorstorywriter97
There's Something in the Water Sig.Fd
Stay away from the water...before it's too late!
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Zero Waste Recipies by donnasleight
Zero Waste Recipiesby Donna Sleight
No need to buy things in plastic, just get creative and make your products at home. Save the planet and money all at the same time.
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Climate community official book by theclimatecommunity
Climate community official bookby climatecommunity🌎💚
Where we will write advice, how we've helped, facts about the environment, and other things to do with the environment 🌎💚 Cover made by @treehousecommittee
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The Deep Blue by Emilee_02
The Deep Blueby E. H Lee
This is my entry for the National Geographic's #PlanetOrPlastic competition. I hope this story impacts some people as the earth' oceans are beautiful places and its a sh...
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My future, My doom by VanessaPayne21
My future, My doomby Vanessa Coustley
A short story about a world heading towards destruction. About a life that is on the line. About humanity at risk.
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Dead #PlanetOrPlastic by Squish-a-lish
Dead #PlanetOrPlasticby Squish-a-lish
Not only are plastics destroying our marine ecosystems, poaching has endangered countless of animals; both on land and in sea. Do your part by disposing plastics proper...
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Planet or Plastic (Wattpad Challenge) by Infernalfairytail
Planet or Plastic (Wattpad Julica
Inspired by the Wattpad challenge #planetorplastic "The beauty of our land will soon be diminished if we keep treating it with the same mortality we treat ourselves...
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We are oceans by bloomingfrombones
We are oceansby emi
Like the Earth, we are mainly composed of water - it is our absolute base necessity and top priority for survival. When our oceans become polluted and toxic, we do too. ...
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Luna by xcocogalx
Lunaby xcocogalx
Luna's world and our world are the same. Or is it?
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Ruining Earth by UNIMYLA
Ruining Earthby Chica
Our planet is dying. And it's our fault. A little glitter can cause a lot of problems. Even milk can be a part of global warming. Dozens of species go extinct everyday...
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Can I Be Your Friend? #PlanetorPlastic by sheynashanana
Can I Be Your Friend? Shen
Can I be your friend? Can you be my guide? Can you help me survive? A National Geographic Writing Contest Entry
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