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We take the fight to them! (Optimus love story) Book 3 (Discontinued) by Lunamoon172
We take the fight to them! ( мσσиℓιgнт172
Normal life wasn't for you, so you went back to work for NEST. Things died down with the Decepticons, but you cant shack the feeling something bad is going to happen. Wh...
How To Help Save The Planet by AnnaLin17
How To Help Save The Planetby Anna Lin
Animals, the climate, rainforests & the ocean need your help. Read this book in order to learn what you can do to help save the planet! The planet is in danger because o...
From Their Perspective by sugarysweetphan
From Their Perspectiveby sugarysweetphan
This is my short story entry for the #PlanetorPlastic competition Wattpad is currently running. This subject is so so important because ecosystems are fading away becaus...
Ein Mensch mehr auf dem Meer by EllaStyled
Ein Mensch mehr auf dem Meerby EllaStyled
Pia studiert Meeresbiologie, in ihrer Freizeit setzt sie sich für Sea Shepard ein, demonstriert für Fridays for Future und hilft dabei Menschen, die über das Mittelmeer...
Plenty of Plastic #PlanetOrPlastic by AbstrusBooks
Plenty of Plastic #PlanetOrPlasticby Katya
Hello everybody! This is my entry for National Geographics writing contest: Planet or Plastic. The contest focusses on the devastating impact of single-use plastics - a...
My Message To The Children by VishnuR5
My Message To The Childrenby Vishnu R
I wrote this poem, and I was inspired by someone, who I hold very dear to my heart. (@dopewrittings) My thoughts have been expressed deeply to our younger generation. As...
Luna by xcocogalx
Lunaby xcocogalx
Luna's world and our world are the same. Or is it?
Transmission Z by marvelgeek67
Transmission Zby ComicGeek67
It's spring, 1987, and the new big thing in music has emerged: Band Z. With their electronic sound, and amazing vocals, they were guaranteed to a smash hit, all over the...
Sassy Tree by noaharkenswagg
Sassy Treeby noah
My take on being a tree
Ruining Earth by UNIMYLA
Ruining Earthby Chica
Our planet is dying. And it's our fault. A little glitter can cause a lot of problems. Even milk can be a part of global warming. Dozens of species go extinct everyday...
OCEAN PLASTIC    by Ellaactually
OCEAN PLASTIC by Ellaactually
This is my entry for the #PlanetOrPlastic Contest hosted by National Geographic.
Lonely Little Life by SpartanHockeyGirl7
Lonely Little Lifeby Allison MacDonald
A little seahorse goes on a great journey in mourning of the death of her only child who ate a toxic piece of plastic. The mother finds a cotton swab in her home thinkin...
Energy Efficient Pumps makes life easy! by EkBoondhPani
Energy Efficient Pumps makes EBPISE Campaign
Did you know: Pumps contribute to 10% of the world's energy consumption? Watch how energy efficient smart pumps and appliances can help us build a better future. #Energy...
The Wood keeps Burning... by VilashniMottian
The Wood keeps Vilashni Mottian
poetry. save our earth,stop the pollution before its too late...
Four Big Questions (#PlanetOrPlastic) by Christina_livinhart
Four Big Questions ( Aanchal
The first question came tumbling out of her mouth. The second question was filled with wonder. The third question she whispered in horror And the last question? Well, it...
Quiet Earth  by saved_loved_strong
Quiet Earth by Rachel Joy
What would the earth be like without any technology? How about no electricity? And how about if it was illegal to use it, any of it? Join Cassy and Fredrick as they go...
Fisherman's Daughter Prayer #PlanetOrPlastic by KuyaRonnieTagumpay
Fisherman's Daughter Prayer KuyaRonnieTagumpay
"Will little girl's prayer make an ocean on change? My Fifth Entry for National Geographic Writing Contest #PlanetOrPlastic WORD COUNT: 252 Ranking Performance: #23...
Planet or plastic?! #planetorplastic by DogsFS
Planet or plastic?! Iampotatoface
This is my entry for the #planetorplastic challenge by @nationalgeographic so its short!!! It's a sad story and will only be 1 chapter of 500 lignes hope you enjoy!❤️❤️...