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We take the fight to them! (Optimus love story) Book 3 (Discontinued) by Lunamoon172
We take the fight to them! ( мσσиℓιgнт172
Normal life wasn't for you, so you went back to work for NEST. Things died down with the Decepticons, but you cant shack the feeling something bad is going to happen. Wh...
Ways To Protect The Environment! by AlishaDaWolf
Ways To Protect The Environment!by ~AlιsнαDαШоlf~
Hey, you! Yes, you! You have a really strong power to make the difference in this world! Do not let it go to waste! Help the environment! Save the Planet 🌎🌿
Environmental Writing by EarthLoversCommunity
Environmental Writingby ♡Earth Lovers Community ♡
We gather all of our amazing Wattpad writers to join us in making a difference. Read it all, right here in this book! If you would like to be published in this book, go...
Controversial shit by Seventeen_Arrows
Controversial shitby Cas/Ares
Kind of a rant book but less personal
How To Help Save The Planet by AnnaLin17
How To Help Save The Planetby Anna Lin
Animals, the climate, rainforests & the ocean need your help. Read this book in order to learn what you can do to help save the planet! The planet is in danger because o...
The Earth Society by TheEarthSociety
The Earth Societyby The Earth Society
Hello! We are The Earth Society and in this book we'll tell you how you can join our project. Whether it be just a follow, to a fully-fledged member, you can find out he...
The Deep Blue by Emilee_02
The Deep Blueby E. H Lee
This is my entry for the National Geographic's #PlanetOrPlastic competition. I hope this story impacts some people as the earth' oceans are beautiful places and its a sh...
extinction by deadraven13
extinctionby deadraven13
Here's a speech about the extinction of animals and plants that I wrote for school last year. It's such a serious topic that I want you to discuss about. I was presenti...
The Day The World Woke Up by TheNeekyTreeBio
The Day The World Woke Upby Tree (That's Still My Name)
A little rant about helping the environment and the fight against plastic.
The Future Code by BonnyBlueSpark
The Future Codeby BonnyBlueSpark
Mary Molly Hampton was a deep-sea-diver at heart and she had always wanted to help save the ocean she so much loved to dive in. Join her on the journey of how she does j...
The Last Rose by artsy_songbird
The Last Roseby artsy_songbird
A story where all plants have become extinct, and people and animals don't know what to do. But there is one rabbit that believes there must be a way to stop this. Bloss...
Save the planet (please)🌿 by antonym9
Save the planet (please)🌿by cool cool cool cool
*cough cough* Since our planet is being destroyed at a rapid rate *cough cough* I decided to make a book on all the ways that you, or any ordinary person can help. Mostl...
The Detox by aethompso
The Detoxby Alicia Smith Thompson
California, a country once a state in the USA, enacted a mandatory technology detox to stimulate a reconnection with the natural world. Sully is Californian who is a tor...
The Green Blood! by Young-sheakespeare
The Green Blood!by Ali King
Rivers riffle causing a beautiful symphony. Trees rustle in a flawless harmony. Eagles fly under the blue stary sky A scene makes even a child cry! But merry days will n...
Underwater Hell by DocGeiser
Underwater Hellby DocGeiser
A short story about another life consumed by our acts. #PlanetOrPlastic Author: D.A.G. PS: English is not my first language, so I apologize for the possible mistakes.
Can I Be Your Friend? #PlanetorPlastic by sheynashanana
Can I Be Your Friend? Lou
Can I be your friend? Can you be my guide? Can you help me survive? A National Geographic Writing Contest Entry
The Animals of the far away woods by Im4gineAgoodWorld33
The Animals of the far away woodsby 𝕄𝕒𝕣𝕚𝕛𝕟.ℍ
Waar in een groepje skinchangers de wereld gaat redden... Dit groepje bestaat uit: Amyst Earl: een Arctische wolf (Regenboogjes), Santana Lopez: een Tijger (@Magic12read...
Plant or Plastic, Which Will It Be? by null_and_void
Plant or Plastic, Which Will It Be?by Reiley
Will you save the ocean or cause its destruction?
Released (PlanetOrPlastic Entry) by ToughMunchies
Released (PlanetOrPlastic Entry)by Hermione Granger
This is a story about a turtle that was taken in because of water pollution and trash in the ocean. Madeline is one of the doctors that helped to save this turtle and se...