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3rd person p.o.v

The two students survived through another "hell week" and were now watching their favorite tv show on the couch, with instant noodles and beer in their stomachs. Lazy afternoons like these were the norm for them.

"Man I don't know if I should go to that frat party, I hate those guys"

"You wanna stay in here after a week of all-nighters? You really are getting dumber"

"That's not what I mean dickhead, there must be something fun we can do, are Shigaraki and the others busy again?"

"Fuck do I know? I haven't had time to talk to them"

"Well I don't wanna be stuck here tonight"

"Then let's go to a bar or something"

The blonde boy groaned at his comment as they already been to every bar in the town. The roommates always had trouble finding something to do, especially because they could never settle on one thing.

"I guess the Friday night special calls"

"What are you talking about"

"Booty call"

"Shut the fuck up"

Oh, how Touya wanted to punch his best friend. He always calls his backup 'hookups' when there's nothing else to do. He never told him anything about it though, it was his life, but it was Dabi who had to handle all the grotesque sounds.

"Don't get me started Dabi, I've deadass invited you to join me" 

"Yeah, like that one time you invited me to an eiffel tower?"

"You should've accepted my offer"

"Sorry, pussy's not my thing"

"Oh right"

Of course, how could Keigo forget his fellow friend was gay. He's known this for like forever, but he still invites him to double dates whenever he gets the chance, but always declines. An awkward silence creeps up on them after that last line as the episode continues playing.

"If you're gonna call your hoes just go to their place for once"

"That's dumb why would I do that"

"I need a break from you being called daddy every night"

"It's not my fault they all have daddy issues!"

"And degrading kinks?"

"What can I say? I pull everyone that looks at me"

"Not me"

That was an inside joke that formed long ago, it was that Dabi always teased about never being attracted to Hawks. It bother the blonde boy slightly, because he was so accostumed to getting constant female attention. What he didn't realize is that the pale boy did indeed have a crush on him.

"Whatever, but you should really get yourself out there, I'm sure there's a guy head over heels for you out there"

Once Hawks said that there was a slight blush on Dabi's cheeks, accompanied by a smirk. It was such a plain and simple comment but it gave a big impact on him regardless.

"I'll start dating the day you stop sleeping around"

"Prepare to die alone then"

"That's enough bullshit let's go to that frat party"

"You're not giving me a choice aren't you"

"No, you jackass"

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