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[kiri’s pov]

    That...could have gone better. I turned around and looked at the guys who we obviously entertained.

    “Dude. I think you just got low key rejected.” Sero said. 

“Whatever. I'll just try again tomorrow!” I said.

    “Me and Bakugou are gonna head out. See ya guys'' Sero waved as him and Bakugou left the room.

    “Uuuhhhgg!!!” I smacked my forehead. 

“Hey whats that?” Denki said pointing at the ground. I look over to see a little purple pouch. 

    “Oh no! That's probably Y/n’s! She must have dropped it when Bakugou pushed me into her.”

    Denki walked over and picked it up. Opening it.

“Don't open it! That's her personal stuff!” I yelled at him.

    Denki’s eyes widen as he looks up at me. “Dude. she has so much money in here! Why the hell does she have this much with her?!"

“So what! People carry money around. Big deal…...wait….. she probably needs that to get on the train! We gotta get it to her!” I said, grabbing the pouch and running down the hall as Denki followed. 

[your pov.]

    On your way to the station you started digging around in your bag for your money; for the exchange

“Oh come on...I know I had it.” you mumble to myself. 

    “Y/N!!!!” you turn your head at the familiar voices. There you see Kirishima and Denki running full speed at you.

    People started looking in your direction. As they come to a stop you see that Kirishima is holding you money pouch. 

    “Hey! That's mine!” you said as he got a bit surprised by how offended sound.

“U-um yeah. You dropped it so we came to give it to you.” Kirishima explains.

    He hands you the bag and you take it. You open it and count how much there is.

“I have enough..” you mumble with a relieved expression.

    “Um now that we’re here…” Denki says, “We can escort you to your location” he said while doing a silly little bow.

“No.” you said bluntly.

    “We just want to make sure that you get back safe that's all.” Kirishima says.

“No. I'm fine. Go back to the dorms. I'm going to be out past curfew.” you say.

    “Oh umm...ok.” Kirishima says.

You turn and start to head onto the train, putting your headphones on, and listening to your music. 

[kiri’s pov]

    I watch y/n get on the train… and I find myself walking on the train as well but threw a different door. 

    “Hey. Where are you going?” denki asks. I turn to look at him with a worried expression on my face.

    “We should follow her. What if she runs into trouble. Or what if she's being blackmailed or something. Maybe that's why she has so much money with her” I answer.


Denki let out a sigh, “Dude..thats kinda weird...I think I'm going to head back.”

I nod to him, and I get on the train and keep our distance from Y/n. We don't want to follow...I just want to make sure she stays safe.

[your pov]

“My stop is soon,” you mumble to yourself.

About 45 minutes pass. Then the train comes to a halt. Here it is.

The doors open and only a few people get off. This is a more shady district. You make sure you hold your bag tight and have your money in your hand. Lots of people get jumped here.

You look around to see if anyone is nearby. Only a few people, that's good. you go to the spot you usually do. You start walking in the direction of an indoor parking lot. It's only about a five minute walk. When you get there you see a guy with his hood up, and wearing a face mask.

You walk right up to him. He turns his head at the sound of your footsteps. You can see that his face lit up.

“Y/n! I missed you!!!” he runs at you with his arms open for a hug. He traps you in his grasp with a great blow of force. You let out a laugh.

“Haha, yeah I missed you to Jin, it's been awhile.” you answer with an awkward smile.

You've known Jin for years. You two are even linked together in some ways, such as his quirk. His quirk links you two together. So if you were ever in major danger or desperate; he'd know but only if you wanted him too. He's probably the only person you feel ok with. He knows about all your problems, your crush on Kirishima, your addictions, and even your mental state and struggle with harming yourself. He tries to help you through it but no matter how encouraging he is you always feel like you deserve every scare you have put on your skin... You can talk about anything and everything with him...well, that was before you started going to UA. Noe he’s just mainly your dealer. He has a huge thing for you and he lets you know all the time...but you think of him as a brother; and he respects that. So he never tries anything with you.

“You know you can come hang out with me. We're good friends, and I barely ever see you anymore. These exchanges are the only time I get to see you.” Jin's voice has a pout in it.

    “Yeah yeah, i know. And I'm sorry for that. But I'm busy a lot of the time with training and school. And i have to get back soon,” you say, “so….do you have it?”

    He lets out a sigh, “yeah I got it.” he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a beat up and old brown paper bag.

    You hand him the money and he gives you the bag. “Thank you so much Jin! I'm running low.” you shove it into your own bag.

“No problem. I'll see you later though right? Will you text me?” his eyes look a bit sad. 

You giggle a bit, “‘Yeah I'll text you.” you give him a big smile. And you wave to him as you turn around and make your way out of the parking lot. 

    You reach into your bag to look at your ‘goodies’ when all of a sudden your wrists are grabbed and your thrown against the wall and pinned there. Your heart races and you let out a small yelp as when you hit the wall.     You start to struggle in this person's grip. You look up to see that it’s Kirishima. Your eyes widen.


“What the hell are you doing!!!” you yell at him and start struggling more, “Get off of me!”

He looks angered. Or….worried? 

    “Who was that?” he asked.

“Why are you here! Did you follow me you freaking creeper! You're supposed to be at UA!” you yell.

    “Yeah. I did follow you! And I'm glad I did too!” he looked really hurt, “who was he?” his eyes go to your bag. He gives you a glare. “What was in the bag he gave you.”

    Your face heats by the uncomfortable feeling of being caught. Your eyes dilated and the eyes began to glow white; and your skin started to become pale. This is how your body would react when you were about to have to activate your quirk.

Hello! Its the author here! I hope you like the story so far. And id love if you'd comment you thoughts! And thank you so much for reading!! <3.

Edit: ok, Jin is an OC. He is not Twice. He is an original character. Sorry if that was confusing, but a lot of people have been thinking its twice.

Word count: 1297

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