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Some people call me crazy, others call me awesome, but I guess it's just your personal opinion.

Hi, and welcome to the profile of Moomooshoohoo, please leave a message after the beep. BEEP.

Hello, I am moomooshooshoo and I am here to solve world peace and slow internet. I JK wit chu!

About me? *Blushes*, Stop it, you're making my face look like a giant tomato. If you know what I mean;)
-No, I don't know what you mean. 
-Oh, shut it!
Sorry, my other personality is showing~!

*FAN @GraspingReality4U, she is my home fry!

*I cannot resist cheesy pick-up lines, especially the nerd ones;)
*I am OCD, but lazier than a fat cow, if that makes any sense to you. 
*Creeper is a word I tend to use quite often if I don't agree with your statement or I have nothing better to say. 
*Talking to yourself can be signs of either insanity or complete geniusness, I like to go with the latter.
*Moomooshooshoo is my name, and randomness is my game. 
*Squirrles have made a very special place in my heart.
* Respect the moomoo, respect it!
*Business in the front party in the back, holla! Just kidding, I'm all business all the time. <_>, my serious face. 
* I have been on Wattpad before, but I decided to come back and spread a little of my magical pixie dust on you Watpadians! 
* I mustache you a question, but I'm shaving it for later. - Ingenious quote from my beloved butterfly!
* "Stay thirsty my friends."- old man for some Mexican beer. Heck yeah. 
* My full name is moomooshooshoo, but you can call me moomoo if you like, *Insert waggle of eyebrows* ;)
*Dan and Phil are my loves! <3


*My Chemical Romance!
*Imagine Dragons!
*Alex Clare
*All Time Low
*All-American Rejects
*The Ready Set
* The Downtown Fiction!
*One Direction. (Ha, outta place!)
*One Republic
*The Script
*Linkin Park!
*Neon Trees

And many more......

REMEBER KIDS! Don't take candy necklaces from old lady's at the airport! Stay in school! AND EAT MORE SKITTLES!

Hasta Manana!


Chasing Cassie

Chasing Cassie

8 parts / 13 pages, updated Jan 07, 2014PG-13Video
One Direction; a band that has squeezed its way into every teenage girl’s heart, all but one bitter seventeen year old. Cassie Styles is the sister of the infamous Harry St... read more
7,016 reads votes 187 comments 88
Beautifully Terrifying

Beautifully Terrifying

4 parts / 6 pages, updated Jul 26, 2012PG-13
She was an ugly servant. He was a charming, handsome prince that would never look her way. She was in love with him. He had no idea she even existed. She just wante... read more
1,082 reads votes 92 comments 89
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I shall! And thank you very much for patiently waiting! I'm sorry for the disappearing act! : )
Chasing Cassie

School, babe, school. I DEN SWORE I WAS NOWHERE BUT THE SCHOOLIN! And I guess I do deserve that! I shall upload, WITH VAST VIGERANCE (I guess...
Chasing Cassie

This is an absolutley amazing story, I love it so much! It is definitley one of the best I have read on Wattpad! I hope to see more of their story...
Girl Apocalypse

@nessiecullen3 No problem, thank you so much for pushing me to upload!!:)
Chasing Cassie

I am crying. I am literally crying. THIS IS SO AMAZING, why have you kept this from us for so long???!!! Gee, this deserves some type of an award....
The Boyfriend Box~ A Harry ...