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Hi! I'm Erin Latimer. I'm a fantasy writer living in Vancouver, BC.

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Are there more Jotun books?

-There are two Jotun books: Frost and Fire. The third will be written after I finish the third THREADS book.

-3rd Alice Cunningham book: February 5th (Goddess Unraveled)
-3rd Jotun book: April 25th
-2nd "Bright" book: June 25th

-Can you read my story and give me feedback?

 No, sorry. I used to do this, but I just got too many requests. Please note: I'm still getting messages with people asking, and I simply don't answer them anymore, sorry. 

But I REALLY want you to read my story:

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December/January Contest Winners:

1) Indigo  @Skyhuntress
2) Ice Princess  @janinemimi
3) Crepuscular  @daelinya

Special Mention: @Somerlea for her story Angel of Fire.

Random Awesome Stories:

Check out @rebeccasky and her story "Beat Girl - Heartbeat"


Goddess Unravelled

Goddess Unravelled

Adventure #15 / Fantasy #18
11 parts / 34 pages, updated Apr 22, 2014
"Who will we send after the little witch?" The room went silent as one of them stood up from her throne, pacing forward. Her skirts flowed over the marble flo... read more
39,968 reads votes 1,917 comments 269
Wattpad Fantasy Writer's Advice

Wattpad Fantasy Writer's Advice

16 parts / 14 pages, updated Apr 10, 2014
45,278 reads votes 1,541 comments 778
FROST- Jotun Chronicles #1

FROST- Jotun Chronicles #1

Adventure #9 / Fantasy #11
60 parts / 174 pages, updated Mar 30, 2014PG-13Completed
"I froze the first boy I ever kissed. And I don't mean he got cold feet..." Megan is pretty unhappy when she's forced to move to a tiny, freezing town i... read more
7,015,482 reads votes 79,518 comments 9,130
Lucky - by Erin Latimer

Lucky - by Erin Latimer

21 parts / 55 pages, updated Jan 30, 2014
"Lightfoot crossed the room in two steps, startling me. I backed up until my shoulder blades hit the wall, and then he was right here, leaning close to me. Impo... read more
129,583 reads votes 6,421 comments 562
Children of the Archive - Interactive Story

Children of the Archive - Interactive Story

7 parts / 8 pages, updated Jan 26, 2014
Amelia Harris has always wanted to be a writer, but her uptight family believes it isn't a respectable career for a woman. When Amelia gets a le... read more
11,790 reads votes 310 comments 58


23 parts / 66 pages, updated Dec 03, 2013Completed
What happens when the new guy at school makes you glow? Literally. When Olivia Peterson meets Daniel Blake on the first day back to school, she is completely unimpre... read more
193,962 reads votes 10,105 comments 1,041
Bite Me

Bite Me

32 parts / 66 pages, updated Sep 13, 2013VideoCompleted
When does attraction turn into infatuation? When does it turn dangerous? Jules can't stop thinking about Deven. He's mysterious, dark and sultry. He's...a vampire? She quickly lea... read more
423,220 reads votes 14,078 comments 1,752
The Calling of Time

The Calling of Time

26 parts / 60 pages, updated Jul 23, 2013VideoCompleted
Kali's life is in ruins, and she has no one left to turn to. But her family isn't's much worse than that. The world isn't the way it used to be. Buildings... read more
341,273 reads votes 16,424 comments 1,874
I Am Anastasia

I Am Anastasia

Spiritual #93
14 parts / 45 pages, updated May 02, 2013GCompleted
Samantha wishes she were someone else. Anastasia, to be exact. Anastasia doesn't sit in the corner and read because she’s too shy to talk to anyone. She doesn't keep trying... read more
874,451 reads votes 11,996 comments 2,311
Fire - Jotun Chronicles #2

Fire - Jotun Chronicles #2

38 parts / 106 pages, updated Apr 29, 2013PG-13VideoCompleted
Companion book to "Frost". Can smoldering resentment and attraction exist at the same time? Jess Parker has made a number of mistakes. The first was bu... read more
1,987,243 reads votes 39,464 comments 4,892
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Glad you like it so far! :)
Goddess Unravelled

Haha, it means the author had a dumb moment and forgot to put in the title. It's changed now ;)
Goddess Unravelled

I love the video on the side. This is the second time I've watched it, and the second time it's made me cry. Thank you for telling your story and...
Paper Hearts: Some Writing ...

Thank you! It's my dream to be published someday and I'm working towards it. :) Thanks for reading!
FROST- Jotun Chronicles #1

Aaaw, thank you so much! Lovely comment *blushes*
FROST- Jotun Chronicles #1