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I'm 20.
I'm always drinking coffee.
Damon Salvatore is my dream guy.
Favorite bands are Florence + The Machine and Lana Del Rey.

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The Deal Taker (Book III)

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Description: *Read "The Deal Maker" and "The Deal Breaker" First* Joanna Garth's life has never been normal. It wasn't normal when she was raised an abusive home. It wasn't normal when she spent her teen years drinking and doing drugs. It wasn't normal when she...

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The Deal Breaker (Book II)

The Deal Breaker (Book II)

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*Book Two in the "Deal Maker" series* Joanna definitely hasn't and doesn't have the perfect life. Afte...

The Deal Maker (Book I)

The Deal Maker (Book I)

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*Book One in the "Deal Maker" series and available on Smashwords and iTunes!* Joanna has never been gre...

The Creation (Book III)

The Creation (Book III)

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*Book Three in the "Possessive Creator" series* After the death of her creator and lover, Xavier, Lucy...

The Possessive Creator (Book I)

The Possessive Creator (Book I)

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*Book One in the "Possessive Creator" series* Lucy has been fearfully running from her creator for alm...

jessmb94 posted a message to Kissmeyoufool
When will you be able to update The Creation? I'm so excited to read more of it! I'll be reading The Deal Maker while I await for The Creation :)
In case you all didn't know (Wattpad didn't send out a notice)
It's just the prologue and chapter 1, but I'd love to hear your thoughts about it :) 
Additionally, I'm currently writing on The Creation. A little hint, it starts off in a bed..

Can't wait to start editing on TDB to publish, and thank you all so, so much for the support <3
Happy Friday, everyone! 
        First off, thank you to everyone who has been sending me really sweet and supportive messages this week. It's as if you all knew I was having a pretty crappy week. Reading the messages made it a million times better and made me remember how going through college, working, etc., has been for doing what I really do love: writing.  So thank you all for reminding me of something I've loved doing since I was a young teen. I had forgotten what this was all for. <3 
        Second, in case some of you aren't aware, I have finished book two ("The Deal Breaker") of "The Deal Maker" series! Hurray! *Throws pompoms in the air*  I am currently writing on book three of the series (the title will be "The Deal Taker") and it will be posted within the next week or so. 
       Third, I plan to work on publishing "The Deal Breaker" this year. I'm not sure when yet (college and work take up a lot of my time) but I hope before the end of summer, at the very latest. It will have more content and an epilogue not on Wattpad from Matthew's POV, just as the first one has. Can't wait to get it done!
     Lastly, I plan to finish "The Creation" before March/April, which means I need to start writing. I'm so close to the end that it has become difficult for me to write on. I don't want their story to end :'(  It has only a handful of chapters to go, all full of epic-ness <3 
Thank you all for your patience, support, love, comments, votes, etc.! Have an incredible weekend! 
mememia22 posted a message to Kissmeyoufool
I have read the deal maker and deal breaker in two days I couldnt sleep so excited about what would happen next I can not wait for the next one u are such an amazing writer im goin to read more of ur books. thanks for writing :)))