My name is Kelsey, I'm twenty years old (fuck I'm getting old...). I also happen to be the female version of James Bond, with a huge musical vocabulary and billions of dollars...

Three guesses which is true.

... or I could just be a twenty year old girl that spends far too much money on music, rides way too many horses, can never say no to people, has given up coffee for tea due to caffeine consumption, has a horrible sleeping pattern, loves eighties movies, speaks native sarcasm, spends a fair amount of time at the local pub and is much funnier in her head than in real life. 

Oh, and I like to read and write. Surprise.

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Worlds Apart

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Description: Jude Turner has a problem. Actually, she has a few of concerning fame, alcohol, rivalries, lifestyle and hiatus. Yet, at the moment, her main affair is a solo album. With the band she’d joined at just fifteen years old going on a break, Jude is...

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About A Girl

About A Girl

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Just What I Needed

Just What I Needed

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In life there are things that are said, and then there are those that remain unsaid. For Keely Staub, he...

tabouli posted a message

Aaaaaaah it's horrible! Look what they did to your profile! Look at it! Nooooo! What is even happening? 


Sorry, don't mind me.

DaysWithoutRain posted a message

@chooseitwisely Thanks for the update! Can't wait until you upload another chapter of If I Fell. (:

chooseitwisely posted a message

Yes, that's another chapter of Worlds Apart guys! Have to run - literally - but I hope you like it. It's a better size now, down to 17 pages. Seems like so little.

Mshelun posted a message

@chooseitwisely no, dont stop with the long chapters!!! I love it when you update and i know i'm in for a long read... 
One more thing, how come this story has not got more reads? It is one of the best i have come across here. Your writing is addictive....


THANK YOU lol, about the Arabella thing. I just think that people make mistakes, and though others can hate them for it for a very long time, it doesn't make them a bad person. They all make mistakes. And Jude can't really hate her either, not really, because not only is she a hugely empathetic person - not that she'll admit it - but she does understand a bit where the girl came from. I love Jude's smooshy side as you put it. I mean, even with Josh and everything he did for her, she would never be cruel to him. She's just not a vindictive person in that way, which I think has been shown time and time again. She might have a bad temper and can be rude, but she forgives if she doesn't forget, she doesn't throw Josh out to the press, she never actually gives up on her father no matter what she tells herself and what he does and she still loves her mother. Even with The Bends it didn't take that long, did it? As for the rest with Cam and Logan, I'll leave you to your speculations about it ;)


@ilianax23 actually, I get rather insulted when people ask about that story on my other ones. And no, there's no news about band on the run. I obviously just wrote a huge fucking chapter of this story, I can't just shoot chapters out of my ass.