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My name is Kelsey, I'm twenty years old (fuck I'm getting old...). I also happen to be the female version of James Bond, with a huge musical vocabulary and billions of dollars...

Three guesses which is true.

... or I could just be a nineteen year old girl that spends far too much money on music, rides way too many horses, eats too much nutella, drinks litres of coffee everyday, has a horrible sleeping pattern, loves eighties movies, speaks native sarcasm, spends a fair amount of time at the local pub and is much funnier in her head than in real life. 

Oh, and I like to read and write. Surprise.

Me and Jules130 have a shared twitter @KelseyandJulia


Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart

20 parts / 275 pages, updated Jul 19, 2014RVideo
Jude Turner has a problem. Actually, she has a few of concerning fame, alcohol, rivalries, lifestyle and hiatus. Yet, at the moment, her main affair is a solo album. With t... read more
235,122 reads votes 6,505 comments 1,278
About A Girl

About A Girl

4 parts / 26 pages, updated Jun 09, 2014PG-13Video
In Seth Ryan's own words.
68,558 reads votes 1,789 comments 332
Band On The Run

Band On The Run

23 parts / 253 pages, updated Jun 02, 2014PG-13VideoPictures
(Sequel to Just What I Needed) It's been eight years since Keely Staub moved to New York City once and for all. Eight years since the iconic band The Spares was formed by... read more
690,293 reads votes 14,158 comments 3,166
If I Fell

If I Fell

17 parts / 158 pages, updated May 31, 2014PG-13Video
Allison Wright is the first to admit she has a great life. With good friends, perfect grades, a promising future and a family fortune stretching back generations; what's not to ... read more
282,663 reads votes 6,731 comments 775


5 parts / 7 pages, updated Jan 19, 2014PGVideo
This is just me writing about music for the people that have asked for it. Not a story, just my sporadic rantings about whatever music or things that occur to me as I write it. &q... read more
13,755 reads votes 378 comments 57
Just What I Needed

Just What I Needed

77 parts / 566 pages, updated Sep 19, 2012PG-13VideoCompleted
In life there are things that are said, and then there are those that remain unsaid. For Keely Staub, her life mostly remained in the latter category. She kept the one t... read more
7,205,462 reads votes 63,769 comments 6,444
Erase Replace

Erase Replace

6 pages, updated May 28, 2012PG-13VideoPicturesCompleted
Just What I Needed ALTERNATIVE REALITY. What would have happened had Keely refused that fateful day when Maureen Jones offered her the record deal and her dreams on a platte... read more
9,976 reads votes 325 comments 125
Miss You

Miss You

3 pages, updated Aug 23, 2011RCompleted
"Well, I've been haunted in my sleep, You've been starring in my dreams, Lord, I miss you." - Miss You, The Rolling Stones
4,258 reads votes 94 comments 17


3 pages, updated Aug 13, 2011PGCompleted
What do you do when your world is falling apart, and all you're left with is Shambles?
3,717 reads votes 96 comments 26

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If you hadn't mentioned the WA part in that message I probably wouldn't have made the connection, but since you have it now just reeks of Cam to...
What Have You Been Up To?

... I know that... Your point?
Just What I Needed

Nope, I was talking about Roxanne by the Police. And I'm pretty sure the Roxanne in When The Sun Goes Down is a reference to that song from the...
If I Fell

I think you're going for the most angst ever in a story, ha ha. Shit this made me so horrifyingly sad it was stupid. You're still attempting to...
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