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For everyone asking: I do NOT have a timetable for finishing any of my old stories. I apologize! You don't have to stop asking when I'll update if you don't want to, but know that I'm not going to answer you. I can't send 300+ messages a day all saying "no I'm not updating" when I'm too stubborn to cut and paste and would have to type it out every time.

I apologize for the inconvenience. AFTER Lesson One is finished I HOPE to get started on ONE of the others (Lesson's of the <3) finish that one and then work on the rest. This isn't a guarantee. 

Hopefully you can understand where I am coming from. The unfinished stories are all old works of mine carried over from another site. I want to focus on my current works and get them finished before starting new ones or going back to old ones. 

Anyways that's that. Sorry again, and if in the meantime you need something to read give Lesson One a try! 

[ I assume anyone who writes on my board has read my profile. So, consider this a forewarning that any post with the sole purpose of asking for updates will be DELETED. I apologize in advance, but they really do take away from people who have something to say; especially considering I answer above! ]
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His Smirk ||

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Description: PART I ---> http://www.wattpad.com/story/75943-it-began-with-a-smirk Kale and Rein. Finally a couple. Finally happy. But with Kale nothing is that simple, and when his hot headed temper shatters two hearts in one fell swoop things are only gett...

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Lesson One

Lesson One

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Watch the trailer/character introductions here! ---> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsS7cuIO3wI&featu...

Lessons of the Heart and the Liquid it Pumps ||

Lessons of the Heart and the Liquid it Pumps ||

3.1M 24.8K 1.8K

Isadora could sense there was something special about the new teacher Mr.Marrs, and it was more than the...

For Hating Me You Sure Are Possessive

For Hating Me You Sure Are Possessive

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Logan is nothing like his brother Maver; Kara's best friend. He's straightforward, crude and just an ove...

3: Dirty Fighting

3: Dirty Fighting

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rflores2324 posted a message to JadedRein
if you haven't noticed, your smirk books have the most reads. you should really finish them. stop being a disappointment to your readers. stop procrastinating and actually finish something for once. that's the cold truth.
Aroojkhan1 posted a message to JadedRein
Wow I really loved your book "For hating me you sure are possessive". That book was amazing and you are honestly an amazing author for creating such different characters that we as readers had a love/hate relationship with because of the complexity of their characters.
StarViolet96 posted a message to JadedRein
i really really loved "for hating me you sure are possesssive"
i fell in love with it honestly i read alot of stories but yours is my favourite story i had just finished it   it was one of akind your writing is so unique i fell under its spill 
thank you for your hard working and wish you all the best 
thank you again
I-Luv-Rashi posted a message to JadedRein
holla people I am Alinaa and I am new writer I am currently writing two stories please go through them and ad them to your library "Blissful sorrows" and "OH Allah Help me please!"
Micizzle posted a message to JadedRein
So I read "For Hating me You Sure Are Possessive" a really long time ago and I lost it when I dropped my iPod in the toilet. I recently rediscovered it and I saw an authors note about Dragon Age and Alistair. Let me tell you that you have delightful taste in fictional men. I'm totally in love with him right now. 
Treo1262 posted a message to JadedRein
Hi jaded rein just wanted to say for hating me you sure are passes I've is my go to book when I'm having a bad day. I'm surprised you haven't had it published honestly (but then I'd have to buy a copy!) haha and I was also wondering when you would be posting more chapter of his smirk (the second one) I have fallen in love with those books as well and being a typical book nerd I teared up when I got to the end of what you put up very upseting once again love your work