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Tierney By Tierney Completed
Small town girl Tiffany moves in the middle of her high school career to an even smaller town. What she doesn't know is that true love is awaiting her just down the street. Befriending, and soon dating Jared, the two quickly fall in love and become inseparable. Just before graduation, Jared announces that he's going to join the military and become a United States Marine. Can their love stand the test of time and distance? Does life have something more in store for them?
i love this book sooooooo much. somehow it was deleted out of my library so i spent 4 hours trying to refind it so i can read it over again.
Just started reading! I'll let you know! Especially as it cheers u up to read comments!  ....... Here goes!!! :-)
please finish  writing the story im going crazy wondering what happened
I've just finished it now.....
   This story is so nice... Hope many will still read this <3
This story is just so amazing it brought me to tears im very sorry about your loss but i think this story is so wonderful :)
@tierney1984 sorry just read your story and is your name seriously Tierney!? Cos mine is!! Hehe just thought it was an amazing coincidence!! xxx